Can I drink the Xihuang grass tea for clearing heat and dampness?

When I was in junior high school, I was living on campus. Maybe it was because I didn’t eat well. Many people lived in a very small room and didn’t move much. Seeing my uncomfortable look, my mother thought of various ways to reduce my anger. Later, I found Xihuang grass tea. My high school days were full of the smell of Xihuang grass tea. I really don’t fall in love with fire so much. So I fell in love with Xihuangcao tea. As I got older, I got better, and not so in love with fire. However, Xihuangcao tea could not be thrown away. Then I have a new problem, Xihuangcao. Can I drink tea often?

Can I drink the Xihuang grass tea for clearing heat and dampness?

Let me talk about the efficacy first, Xihuangcao tea can clear away heat and dampness, invigorate the spleen and eliminate stagnation. Liver and gallbladder damp heat, swelling or pain caused by spleen failure, loss of appetite, fatigue, fatigue, etc. It is mainly used for the treatment of acute jaundice hepatitis, viral hepatitis, cholecystitis, liver cirrhosis, ascites and liver cancer. It can protect the liver, promote cholestasis and reduce yellowing. Promote gastrointestinal motility, enhance immune function, and inhibit tumors. It has some effects on the treatment of hepatitis and can be used, but it is best not to take a large amount for a long time, which may cause diarrhea. You can make tea and drink it! Xihuangcao has a bitter taste and cold in nature. It has the effects of clearing away heat and dampness, promoting gallbladder and relieving jaundice. Used for damp-heat jaundice, damp-heat diarrhea, acute jaundice hepatitis, acute cholecystitis and jaundice.

It has a certain effect on reducing jaundice, but has no effect on antiviral. Xihuangcao contains flavonoid glycosides, phenols, chloro-based acids, organic acids, etc. However, if you take too much Xihuangcao, it will greatly increase the burden on the liver, and even cause worsening liver damage. Therefore, no matter how good Xihuangcao tea is, one cannot drink more.

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