What are the taboos for soaking Xiqing fruit in water?

People may not be familiar with celestial being. In fact, celery is also called zangqingguo. It is a very good Chinese medicinal material. Many people like to soak in water with medicinal materials and think that it can strengthen the body. In fact, celery is also very good for soaking in water. The health benefits of cypress can not only clear away heat and produce fluid, but also detoxify. Although the soaking in water has many effects, we still cannot ignore its taboos. So do you know what are the taboos of soaking in water?

What are the taboos for soaking Xiqing fruit in water?

Xiqingguo is the young fruit of Myrobalan, a plant of the Gentleman family. The dried young fruits are flat and long oval, slightly like olives, with stalk marks on the lower part, dark brown in appearance, and obvious longitudinal wrinkles. The texture is hard, the cross section is not flat, with a gelatinous luster; the flesh is thick, yellow-green, the nucleus is not obvious, slightly hollow, the smaller is dark brown, without hollow.

Aliases: Tibetan green fruit, Tibetan green fruit, Tibetan olive.

Nature and flavor: bitter, sour, astringent, flat.

Return meridian: return lung, large intestine meridian.

Efficacy and function of Xiqing Guo

It can clear away heat, promote body fluid, and detoxify; it can be used for diphtheria due to yin deficiency.

Xiqingguo Indications

1. According to modern pharmacological research, Xi Qing Guo has the effect of lowering blood sugar and expectorant, and has weak estrogen-like effect. The volatile oil of leaves has antibacterial effect in vitro.

2. It can be used clinically to treat bacillary dysentery.

Green fruitTaboo people

Avoid use for wind, fire, sore throat and moderate cold.

Can I eat during menstruation?

It is forbidden during menstruation and cold during menstruation. This product is cold in nature and should not be taken.

side effect

There are no side effects for the time being. It is recommended to follow your doctor when taking it.

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