Does drinking Xihuangcao tea affect pregnancy?

Everyone should know that pregnant people are not allowed to drink tea and other things, let alone beverages. Drinks are not allowed to drink at all. Therefore, it is best to drink boiled water for pregnant people, but there are other people. If you can drink some chrysanthemums or something, can you drink Xihuangcao tea? Xihuangcao is a kind of health care product, and people can use it to make tea, but pregnant people can’t eat many things, especially If you get the medicine, you must be careful. Let’s take a look at the effect of drinking Xihuangcao tea during pregnancy.

Does drinking Xihuangcao tea affect pregnancy?

The effect of Xihuangcao soaked in water

1. The medicinal parts of Xihuangcao

The medicinal part of Xihuangcao is the whole plant of Xihuangcao.

2. The medicinal properties of Xihuangcao

Chinese medicine believes that Xihuangcao is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine with bitter taste and cold nature.

3. The usage and dosage of Xihuangcao

Xihuangcao can be taken orally, take 15-30g of Xihuangcao and decoction with water, Xihuangcao can also be used externally, take appropriate amount of Xihuangcao, pound and apply, or use Xihuangcao to grind and paint.

4. Precautions for Xihuangcao

It is not suitable for people with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold to eat Xihuangcao.

5. The effect of Xihuangcao soaking in water to drink

Drinking Xihuangcao in water can clear away heat and promote dampness, and it can also cool the blood and dispel blood stasis. Drinking Xihuangcao in water can be used to treat acute hepatitis. It is good for acute cholecystitis and dysentery, enteritis, constriction, bruises and swelling.

Drinking Xihuangcao in water has a strong dampening effect and can also reduce yellowing. It can be used to treat acute jaundice hepatitis and can be used to treat bruises and bruises.

Xihuangcao tea has the effects of clearing heat and dampness, relieving yellowness and dampness, cooling blood and dispersing blood stasis, and is used to treat acute jaundice hepatitis, acute cholecystitis, dysentery, enteritis, bruises and blood stasis. If the body is of a warm type, drinking it is beneficial. As long as it is herbal tea, pregnant women should not drink it! Because it is bitter and cold, it is easy to cause miscarriage. Xihuangcao is a more powerful herbal tea for clearing the liver and drowning in the water, so it is best not to drink it.

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