How to soak dong Lingcao in water

No matter when it is, we humans are inseparable from water. If we do not drink water, it will have a great impact on the body. Constipation or dry mouth may occur; but I believe everyone is the same as the editor. Like to drink plain water, because plain water has no taste, many people may choose fruits or medicinal materials to soak in the water, which not only makes the water tasteful, but also has the effect of curing diseases; Rubescens is a kind of medicinal material, so this How to soak dong Lingcao in water?

How to soak dong Lingcao in water

Observation of the clinical efficacy of the whole plant crude preparation of this product has a certain relief effect on esophageal cancer, cardia cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and rectal cancer.

It can prevent and treat side effects of radiotherapy, acute and chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, mumps, tracheitis, chronic persistent hepatitis, etc.

According to the “Modern Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, the nature, flavor and functions of Rubescens are: bitter, sweet, slightly cold, clearing away heat, detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. It is used for sore throat, tonsillitis, snake and insect bites, rheumatism. Pain etc. The main effects are: anti-tumor, antibacterial, antipyretic and dryness and other effects.

Studies have found that Rubescens also has the effects of antipyretic, lowering dryness and moisturizing the throat, lowering blood lipids, and lowering blood pressure. It has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on colds, fever, sores in the mouth and tongue, and scorching heat. It can be used as a daily health drink for middle-aged and elderly people and some special groups, such as teachers, actors, announcers, etc., and has the effect of delaying aging.

Donglingcao has been drunk as a tea by folks in the Taihang Mountains since ancient times. Because of its functions of clearing away heat and toxic substances, clearing the throat, relieving inflammation and relieving pain, it is popular in the local area and is known as the “miracle grass”. In 1972, the Chinese Esophageal Cancer Research Center found that Rubescens has unique anti-esophageal cancer, cardia cancer, and primary liver cancer effects. Since then, it has been widely used in clinical practice.

Dongling grass is in the Taihang Mountain area of ​​Hebi, and the local people “have it in every household.” Suffer from toothache, sore throat, soak in water and drink, and heal after three times. There is a saying among the folks that “drink a bowl of ice lingcao every day, anti-wrinkle, remove spots and nourish the appearance, brighten the voice and clear the voice, and drive away the disease and the body and mind.”

The effect of Dong Lingcao soaking in water is far more than the above. The midfielder can also effectively help us treat the symptoms of dizziness and fever that we are prone to. It can help us greatly improve our immunity and resistance, and it can also help us to recuperate. Own gastrointestinal tract, enhance own intestinal digestion ability.

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