What are the effects and contraindications of soaking dried figs in water?

Chinese medicinal materials are basically two-sided. While understanding the efficacy of drugs, we must also understand the contraindications of drugs. Don’t look at other people’s effects. Just use them as you like. The old saying is three points. Poison; dried figs can be used as medicine, because it has a certain medicinal value, so what are the effects and contraindications of soaking dried figs in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What are the effects and contraindications of soaking dried figs in water?

Efficacy and taboos of soaking dried figs in water

The fig leaves are thick green and thick, but the flowers are very small, hidden by the branches and leaves, and not easy to find. When the fruit grows up, the flower has fallen off, so people think it is “no flower but fruit”, hence the name. Figs bloom in summer and bear fruit in autumn. The fruit is oblate or ovoid, and the top is cracked when mature. The flesh is soft and rotten, and the taste is sweet and sweet like bananas. The edible part of the fig is an aggregated fruit formed by the hypertrophy of the receptacle. The single flower and the achene developed from the receptacle are hidden in the fleshy receptacle. The appearance of the fig is not flower-like but solid. The fruit is oblate, spherical, pear-shaped or altar-shaped. For several species, the color of the peel is also divided into green, yellow, red, and purple, but most of them are yellow.

Dried figs are sweet and cool in nature. Return meridian: lung; stomach; large intestine meridian.

Functions and indications:To clear away heat and promote fluid; invigorate the spleen and appetite; detoxify and reduce swelling. Main throat swelling and pain; dry cough and hoarseness; sparse milk; intestinal heat and constipation; loss of appetite; indigestion, diarrhea and dysentery; carbuncle; ringworm disease.

Dried figs can be soaked in water to make fig tea. The method is 30g figs, chopped and fry until half charred. 10g each time, add appropriate amount of sugar, brew with boiling water, instead of tea. This product can invigorate the spleen and stomach and help digestion. Used for weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, reduced diet, loose stools, diarrhea, etc.

Pregnant women should eat moderate amounts of dried figs. Because dried figs are not only rich in nutrients, they can also treat hemorrhoids and relieve breast milk. Chinese medicine has concluded in the long-term clinical practice that figs are peaceful, sweet, can invigorate the stomach, clear the intestines, reduce swelling and detoxification, and can be used to treat enteritis, dysentery, constipation, hemorrhoids, sore throat, carbuncle and scabies.

The main effect of figs after taking it is to treat constipation and indigestion. At the same time, it also has a good effect on throat discomfort and yin deficiency cough. The general population can take figs, especially those with indigestion, loss of appetite, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, cancer, constipation, and coronary heart disease. However, patients with diarrhea, loose stools, and fatty liver patients should not take it.

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