Can the Chinese herbal medicine Commelina communis be soaked in water?

Speaking of Commelina communis, many people think that this kind of grass is related to ducks, but this is not the case. Do you know what Commelina communis is? Commelina communis, the ancient name Nosegrass, also has green cicada flowers and blue flowers. Other aliases such as Gucao and Bizhu are born in wetlands along river banks, lakes and streams, and are also common in the damp areas behind houses and houses. They are produced in most areas east of Gansu and Sichuan in my country. Commelina communis stems and leaves resemble bamboo and petals. Three, one white downwards, two blue upwards. Can the Chinese herbal medicine Commelina communis be soaked in water?

Can the Chinese herbal medicine Commelina communis be soaked in water?

Commelina communis is not familiar to people, so it is rarely used by people, but Commelina communis can play a very important role in our health and health care. Commelina communis is soaked in water, and it is also It can play a very amazing health effect, and it also plays a very important role in the treatment of colds. Therefore, if you have any doubts in this regard, you can safely drink Commelina communis with water.

Commelina communis can play a great role in health care for our health, but it is often ignored by people. Therefore, we should learn more about these common senses in life, so as to be more beneficial to ourselves. Health preservation, prevention and treatment of diseases.

In fact, Commelina communis has many functions and functions. In the hot summer, it can not only clear away heat and relieve heat, but also treat throat diseases, urinary system diseases and so on. Wind-heat cold, high fever and polydipsia: Commelina communis has strong heat-clearing and reducing fire power, and can be used to treat wind-heat and cold at the beginning. It can be used with silver flower, forsythia, peppermint and other medicinal purposes; to treat heat and gas, high fever and polydipsia, it can be equipped with plaster and zhi Mother, reed root, etc. Sore throat, carbuncle and boil poison: Commelina communis has the effect of clearing heat, purging fire and detoxification. It is used for heat toxin swelling and sore throat. It is often used for medicinal purposes such as Radix Isatidis and Scrophularia. , Wild chrysanthemum and other medicinal purposes. Oedema, oliguria, hot shower, astringent pain: Commelina plantaris is sweet and cold, which can not only diure water to reduce swelling, but also relieve dampness and heat to relieve drenching. It can treat dampness, hot water, swelling, oliguria, hot shower and astringent pain. It can be used with duckweed, Imperata cylindrica root and other medicinal purposes.

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