Can pregnant women drink Sanya bitter herbal tea?

Sanya bitter is a Chinese herbal medicine. The main producing area is in Yunnan. It is often said that Yunnan Sanya bitter. In daily life, some people will make herbal tea to drink, which can have anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects. As we all know, pregnant women It is not allowed to eat indiscriminately, then, can pregnant women drink Sanya bitter herbal tea? Let’s take a look at the following introduction.

Can pregnant women drink Sanya bitter herbal tea?

Sanya bitter

[Alias]Sanya bitter, small yellow powder, chicken bone tree, Sanya bitter, three guns, trident tiger.

[Source]Evodia lepta (Spreng.) Merr., Evodia lepta (Spreng.) Merr., root and leaves are used as medicine. It can be harvested throughout the year, the roots are washed, sliced ​​and dried for later use; the leaves are dried in the shade for later use.

[Source form]Shrubs or small trees, 2-8m high, the whole plant tastes bitter. The bark is off-white with oblong lenticels. The leaves are three compound leaves, opposite; the petiole is 3-10cm long, and the base is slightly enlarged; the small leaflets are oblong-lanceolate, 6-12cm long, 2-6cm wide, papery, blunt tip, whole or not Regular shallow wavy, dark green on the top of the leaf, yellow-green below, with glandular dots, short petiole. Corymb-like panicles are axillary, and the rachis and pedicels are pubescent at first, and gradually fall off after flowering. The flowers are small, unisexual, yellowish white, slightly aromatic; the calyx is deeply parted, broadly ovate, about 0.5mm long; petals 4, ovoid to oblong, 1.5-2mm long, with glandular points; male flowers have stamens 4 , Longer than petals, filaments linear, anthers oval oval, short degenerative ovary; female ovary densely haired, staminodes 4, shorter than petals, sterile anthers. The follicles are often 2~3, thin 1 or 2, the exocarp is dark yellow-brown to reddish brown, with milk spots; the seeds are black and shiny, and ovoid in shape. Distributed in Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and Yunnan provinces. Born in hills, plains, streams, and forest margins.

【Sex and flavor return to meridian】Bitterness and coldness.

[Functions and Indications]Clearing heat and detoxification, dispelling wind and dampness. It can cure sore throat, rheumatic bone pain, malaria, jaundice, eczema, dermatitis, bruises and insect bites.

【Usage and Dosage】0.3~1 tael for roots, 3~5 dollars for leaves. Appropriate amount for external use, fresh leaves smashed or decocted to wash the affected area, or dry in the shade to make an ointment and apply to the affected area. It can be mixed with other herbal medicines for skin treatment and burned into bath water to treat skin diseases (such as infectious rashes and sores). It can also treat stomach diseases and is an important ingredient of Sanjiu Weitai.

Can pregnant women drink Sanya bitter herbal tea?

Although it is not stated that pregnant women are prohibited from taking it, many ingredients in Chinese medicine are unknown and are not recommended for use. It is recommended to find the cause and treat the symptoms.

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