Can brocade lanterns be soaked in water?

Fruit tea is very popular now. Many friends like to drink fruit tea. There are many types of fruit tea. In addition to using dried fruits to make tea, soaking medicinal materials in water is also a popular way. The body is very good. The brocade lantern is actually what we usually call the girl. It tastes sour and sweet. So can this kind of medicinal brocade lantern be soaked in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

Can brocade lanterns be soaked in water?

Brocade lantern is a kind of perennial herbaceous Solanaceae in the northeast, and it is mostly distributed in the northeast. There is a lantern-shaped outer skin, the fruit is red and yellow, and the fruit is multi-seed. It is lantern-shaped, often flattened, with a length of 3 to 4.5 cm and a width of 2.5 to 4 cm. The surface is orange-red or orange-yellow, with 5 distinct longitudinal edges, and there are net-like fine veins between the edges. Jin Lantern, also known as hanging golden lanterns, ripe fruit is a button-sized spherical yellow berry. The skin is thin and tough, the flesh is sweet, and contains many small seeds, but it does not hinder eating.

The brocade lantern has a bitter taste and a cold nature. It can clear away heat and detoxify, relieve the throat and throat, benefit the intestines, and cure colds. Soaking in water has a certain effect, and it can also have a refreshing effect. But it is mainly to clear away heat and detoxify, relieve throat, resolve phlegm, and diuresis. Used for sore throat, dull voice, phlegm-heat, cough, and poor urination; external treatment of pemphigus and eczema. It is a commonly used medicine to treat sore throat. Used for sore throat, lung heat and cough.

There are many ways to drink brocade lanterns, but it is necessary to find out who is suitable and not suitable for brocade lanterns. At present, there is no single medicinal material or medicine that can be used by everyone, so the treatment of diseases is not suitable for Qianjianyifang. Chinese lantern medicine is cold and cold in nature. Pregnant women are not allowed to use it to avoid abortion. In addition, it is not used for those with spleen deficiency, diarrhea and excessive phlegm dampness. If you meet the conditions for taking brocade lanterns, then you can use the above methods to treat physical diseases. If it is inappropriate, you can choose other methods for treatment. Brocade lantern is a kind of cold medicine, and it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach if drinking too much.

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