What are the effects and functions of Anoectochilus tea?

Diabetes is a disease we are all familiar with. After the emergence of diabetes, generally speaking, we can only rely on drugs to control the increase in blood sugar, and we must also adjust our diet and eat more foods that can control blood sugar in our lives. And some medicinal materials also have the effect of controlling blood sugar. Anoectochilus is one such medicinal material. So what are the effects and functions of Anoectochilus tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What are the effects and functions of Anoectochilus tea?

1. Golden thread lotus herbal tea

1. Wash it, add water to the electric tea kettle or clay pot, and boil.

2. Put it in the clay pot, cook for 10 minutes, turn off the heat, and soak.

3. If you like to drink slightly sweeter, you can add some rock sugar. You can also put the boiled golden thread lotus tea in the refrigerator, and drink it even more cold in the hot summer.

2. Golden thread lotus tea

1. Brewing: Take 2.75g of Anoectochilus pure tea, brew 6 cups repeatedly with a tea set, and chew it until the taste is weak.

2. Boil: Take 2.75g of Anoectochilus pure tea, decoct 3 pots repeatedly in a teapot and drink it until the taste is weak and then chew it.

3. Soaking: Take 2.75g of Anoectochilus pure tea, soak it with boiling water in a thermos cup, and chew it until the taste is weak.

4. The effect of brewing Anoectochilus with mountain spring water and mineral water is better. The first brewing time is 40 seconds, and the second brewing time is 60 seconds. The best brewing temperature is boiled water above 95℃.

5. The first bubble of Anoectochilus contains a lot of nutrients, it is recommended to drink. The nectarine is sweet and mellow, the color is translucent, and the soup is amber.

6. After all day long brewing, decocting, and soaking, the whole herb of Anoectochilus tea can be taken out before going to bed and put in the mouth for chewing. It can calm the nerves and nourish the liver. Consistently drink and eat according to this, for the best health effect.

Anoectochilus can directly act on the liver cell membrane, protect the integrity of the liver cell membrane, prevent harmful substances from destroying the liver cell membrane, and prevent the disease of liver cells from becoming necrosis. At the same time, it can penetrate the liver cell membrane, promote liver metabolism, revive injured cells, and regenerate, and can restore the function of enzymes in liver cells, enhance cell oxidation, and restore normal liver function test values. In addition, it has a strong choleretic effect.

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