What is the effect of Sheng Dihuang tea?

Chinese medicinal materials can be used to make tea and drink is nothing new in life. For example, goji berries, we usually like to put some goji berries when making tea, which not only makes the tea taste very good, but also the goji berries are Good medicinal materials. Use different Chinese medicinal materials to make tea, and the types of diseases that can be treated are also different. Rehmannia glutinosa is one of the common medicinal materials. So what is the effect of rehmannia glutinosa tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What is the effect of Sheng Dihuang tea?

Rehmannia glutinosa tea

Rehmannia glutinosa soaked in water, 10-15 grams a day, you can also use some rehmannia glutinosa, wolfberry soaking wine, regular drinking has anti-aging and nourishing effects on the human body. Nowadays, many restaurants have rehmannia water, which means using raw rehmannia to soak in water directly. If possible, boil it for a few minutes, if not, just soak it in hot water. It is especially suitable for people who are prone to get angry.

The effect of raw rehmannia soaked in water

1. Enhance people’s immunity and resist virus invasion.

Habitat can significantly increase the synthesis of lymphocyte DNA and protein, enhance the low cellular immune function, and protect the

It has been reported that the Zengye Decoction based on Rehmannia glutinosa and Shengdi can reduce hyperactive humoral immunity and has an immunosuppressive effect. Its active ingredients are sterols. From this, it can be proved that the habitat has the effect of improving human immunity.

2. To improve Yin deficiency patients with hyperthyroidism.

Shengdi can significantly improve the symptoms of sympathetic adrenergic nerve excitement in patients with yin deficiency such as hyperthyroidism, and make the plasma cAMP content normal. But it has no effect on T3 and T4.

3. Lower body temperature

Shengdi can inhibit the body temperature center, and has a better effect of lowering body temperature. If combined with Scrophulariaceae, Ophiopogon japonicus, Anemarrhena, dendrobium, bamboo leaves, reed root, tortoise shell, turtle shell, it can restore the condition of Yin deficiency and internal heat caused by hyperactive metabolic function and excessive endocrine function to normal, thereby improving Feelings and symptoms of fever.

4. Strong heart

Habitat has a heart-strengthening effect, which is more obvious to a weakened heart. In addition, Habitat has a weak diuretic effect, and its diuretic mechanism is related to strengthening the heart and dilating renal blood vessels. Its active ingredient is catalpol glycoside and its derivatives.

5. Tonic blood

Habitat has the effect of stimulating bone marrow and increasing red blood cells, hemoglobin and platelets.

6. Anti-radiation, anti-tumor, anti-aging

Experiments have shown that Habitat has anti-radiation, anti-tumor and anti-aging effects. The experiment took rats as the research object, and then fed them with raw ground. The results showed that raw ground can reduce the platelet damage caused by cobalt 60 irradiation in rats, and has a certain anti-radiation effect; while Liuwei Dihuang Decoction can make the experiment caused by chemical substances The incidence of gastric cancer in mice was significantly reduced, and the survival time of tumor-bearing mice was prolonged, indicating that Rehmannia glutinosa has a certain anti-tumor effect; Rehmannia glutinosa can scavenge superoxide free radicals and hydroxyl free radicals, and can reduce the content of peroxy lipids. Has anti-aging effect.

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