How much do you know about the effects of soaking in water?

Speaking of Smilax glabra, some people may have heard of the name, but they don’t know it very well. Many medicinal materials in Chinese medicine can be drunk directly. Smilax glabra is no exception; the medicinal part of Smilax glabra is The rhizome of this plant, as a traditional Chinese medicinal material, has many effects. We will introduce below. In addition, Smilax glabra can be used in combination with other medicinal materials to make it more effective. Now let us take everyone to learn about Smilax glabra soaking water. What are the special effects of drinking?

How much do you know about the effects of soaking in water?

Smilax glabra is the dry rhizome of Smilax glabra in the lily family. Excavate in summer and autumn, remove the fibrous roots, wash and dry; or cut into thin slices while fresh and dry. This product is slightly cylindrical, slightly flat or irregular, with nodular swelling, with short branches, 5-22cm in length and 2-5cm in diameter. The surface is yellow-brown or gray-brown, uneven, with hard fibrous root residues, round bud marks on the top of the branches, irregular cracks in the outer skin, and residual scales and leaves. Hard quality. The slices are oblong or irregular, 1~5mm thick, with irregular edges; the cut surface is white to light reddish brown, powdery, with dotted vascular bundles and many small bright spots; the texture is slightly tough, and there is dust flying when broken. It feels sticky and slippery when moistened with water.

Smilax glabra is sweet, light and flat in nature. Return to the liver and stomach meridian. It has the effects of dehumidification, detoxification and tonic joints. For damp-heat drenching turbidity, entrapment, carbuncle, scrofula, scabies, syphilis and mercury poisoning caused by limbs, muscles and bones pain.

Related compatibility

① To treat red bayberry sore poison: Smilax glabra, one or two or five dollars, decocted in water and wine. (“Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”)

② Treated bayberry wind for ten or twenty years, muscles and bones, swelling and pain: three catties of tuckahoe, two dollars for Sichuan pepper, three dollars for licorice, one catty for black lead, three dollars for ivy. Put the medicinal bag in it, boil it with good wine, and take it. (“Chishui Profound Pearl”)

③ Treatment of bleeding: Smilax glabra and tea root each have five coins. Decoction in water, with sugar as a primer. (“Jiangxi Herbal Medicine”)

④Treat rheumatism, bone pain, sore swelling and poison: Peel a pound of Smilax smilax, peel it, stew it with pork, and take it several times. (“Zhejiang Folk Common Herbs”)

⑤ Treatment of wind-qi pain and wind-toxin sore ringworm: Poria cocos (do not violate ironware) eight taels. The stone mortar is pounded into fine powder, a bucket of glutinous rice, steamed, the white wine medicine is used for alcohol, and both the wine and the lees are edible. (“Wan Family Copying Recipe” Tuckahoe Liquor)

⑥ Treatment of swelling, redness and swelling of large poisonous sores, premature abuse: Smilax glabra, as fine powder, vinegar adjusted and applied. (“Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”)

⑦ Treatment of scrofula fester: cold rice balls, sliced ​​or at the end, decocted in water. Or eat it in the porridge, it is better to eat more. Avoid ironware and hair objects. (“Jidetang Experience Formula”)

⑧Governance of dermatitis: Smilax sibiricum two to two to three. Decoction in water for tea. (“Jiangxi Herbal Medicine”)

⑨Treat women’s redness and leucorrhea: Smilax glabra, simmered in water, use red sand sugar to treat redness and leucorrhea, and white sand sugar to treat leucorrhea. (“Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”)

⑩ Treatment of infantile malnutrition, yellow skin, big belly, irritability, crying, crying silently, not wanting to eat, defecation disorder, rough skin: three coins of Smilax glabra, three coins of wild cotton root. Grind the fines, add two liang of pork liver and stew with water, or take rice soup. (“Compilation of Simple and Proven Prescriptions of Herbal Medicine”)

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