The production method and effect of forsythia tea

Spring is finally here, everything is beginning to recover, and a hundred flowers bloom, the most dazzling is the tender yellow winter jasmine. The yellow petals are like the delicate skin of a child, which is pleasing to the eye, but there is a kind of flower that is easy to confuse with winter jasmine, it is forsythia ;Forsythia is very similar to winter jasmine. There are many branches with yellow flowers, but they are still different. Winter jasmine is mainly used for viewing, and forsythia can also be used as a medicinal material. Then you want to know that Is there any effect of Qiaocha? Let us find out together.

The production method and effect of forsythia tea

Forsythia (Latin scientific name: Forsythia suspensa): deciduous shrub, is a plant of the genus Forsythia in the slender family. Forsythia suspensa blooms in early spring, with a light fragrance, full of golden branches, gorgeous and lovely. It is an excellent flowering shrub in early spring. The plant height can reach 3 meters, with clusters of branches, yellow branchlets, arched drooping, and hollow. The leaves are opposite, single or three leaflets, ovoid or ovate-elliptic, with teeth on the margin.

Since forsythia and winter jasmine have basically the same flower type and color, they grow very similar, and they bloom almost at the same time, so they are often mistaken for “winter jasmine.” In fact, Forsythia suspense is very different from Yingchun: Forsythia suspense has relatively large flowers, which have 4 lobes (4 petals), and the flowers of Forsythia suspensa are smaller and 6 petals (6 petals); the branches of Forsythia are darker and average. It is light brown, and the branches of the winter jasmine are green; Forsythia suspensa bears more fruit, and the winter jasmine seldom bears fruit.

Forsythia not only can beautify the environment and be viewed by people, but also has high medicinal value. Forsythia is divided into green and old. If the fruits are harvested in autumn when they are first ripe and still green, the impurities are removed, steamed, and dried in the sun, it is “green.” Alice”. It is generally believed that the quality of Green Qiao is better than that of Old Qiao.

Chinese medicine believes that forsythia has a bitter taste and is slightly cold. Return to the lung, heart, and small intestine meridian, with the effects of clearing away heat and toxins, reducing swelling and dispelling lumps. Forsythia suspense can be used clinically to treat a variety of infectious diseases, such as pneumonia, typhoid fever, dysentery, tonsillitis, scrofula, sores and so on.

So how is forsythia tea made? What effect does it have?

Ingredients: Forsythia 20g, green tea 3g.

Method: Use 250ml of water to decoct and boil for 5 minutes to make tea. Drink frequently until the taste is weak. It can also be brewed directly with 200ml of boiling water.

Main functions: detoxify and dispel knots, protect the liver and protect the liver.

Uses: Chiyou toxin; acute nephritis; purpura.

Now you can distinguish forsythia and winter jasmine!

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