Can the regular Isatis root be soaked in water?

Our family may not have Chinese medicinal materials or cold medicine, but there must be Isatis root. Especially after SARS, Isatis root can be said to be used as a standing medicine for every household; someone asked: Is Isatis root can be soaked in water? Most Chinese medicines Both can be used to soak in water, but we still need to analyze specific problems. Let’s take a look at what Isatis root is and determine whether it can be soaked in water or not.

Can the regular Isatis root be soaked in water?

The effects of Radix Isatidis are clearing away heat, detoxifying and cooling blood. Cure flu, meningitis, Japanese encephalitis, pneumonia, erysipelas, hot spots, faint vomiting, pharyngeal swelling, cheeks, fire eyes, sores, dark purple tongue, throat numbness, rotten throat, big head plague, carbuncle It can prevent and treat Japanese encephalitis, acute and chronic hepatitis, mumps, and osteomyelitis. 1. “Rihuazi Materia Medica”: cures the sky and heats toxins. 2. “Materia Medica”: Zhitianxing is a big head fever. 3. “Materia Medica Reading”: clearing away heat and detoxification, fighting epidemics, and killing insects. 4. “Classification of Herbal Properties”: Relieve various poisons and malignant sores, disperse toxins and remove fire, pound juice or take or apply. 5. “Modern Practical Chinese Medicine”: Malangen is a cooling, antipyretic and antidote, used for erysipelas and puerperal fever. 6. “Chinese Medicine History”: clearing fire and detoxification, cooling blood to stop bleeding. Cure fever spots, erysipelas, sore throat, macrocephaly, and vomiting blood and blemishes.

The role of Radix isatidis: 1. Cure influenza: one or two Radix isatidis, five dollars for Qianghuo. Decoction, served twice a day, even for two to three days. 2. Treatment of big head and Tianxing, first feeling aversion to cold, weight, second pass, swelling of the head and face, unable to open eyes, asthma, unfavorable throat, dry mouth and tongue: Scutellaria baicalensis (wine fried), Coptis (wine fried) five coins, tangerine peel ( To white), licorice (for raw use), Scrophulariaceae, forsythia, Radix isatidis, puffball, rat sticks, peppermint, silkworm, cohosh, seven cents, Bupleurum and Platycodon grandiflorum. It is tuned for the end of the soup, taken from time to time, or mixed with honey as a pill, and melted. 3. Treatment of hepatitis: One or two Radix isatidis. Decoction in water. 4. Treatment of liver cirrhosis: one or two isatis root, four money for Yinchen, two money for turmeric, three money for rice. Decoction in water.

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