Drinking lotus leaf soaking in water can help us treat a variety of discomforts

In the eyes of most of us, the lotus leaf is just a kind of plant. Although the lotus leaf is also eye-catching, it is not as beautiful as the lotus. However, it is the lotus leaf that exists to set off the beauty of the lotus, which helps our body. It’s huge, so, what help does lotus leaf soaking in water do for our body? Let’s take a look at it together.

Drinking lotus leaf soaking in water can help us treat a variety of discomforts

Treat diarrhea

In summer and autumn, due to the hot and humid climate, if you do not pay more attention to the diet, it is easy to have vomiting and diarrhea, and the color of stool is yellow, but the smell is even more unpleasant. At this time, if you want to restore your health, you can take lotus leaves soaked in water, which can effectively relieve diarrhea and help the spleen and stomach. The body can also clear the heat and remove dampness, and the diarrhea will naturally disappear. In addition to the method of directly brewing it with boiling water, you can also stir-fry the lotus leaf into ash, then grind it into a powder and take it with sugar. Take it three times a day, and you will soon be able to restore your health.

Treat edema

No matter what the reason is, the swelling on the face and the decrease in urine volume can be relieved by taking lotus leaf. You can burn the withered lotus leaves and grind them into powder, then take out an appropriate amount each time and take it with millet soup three times a day. The edema will soon disappear.

Drinking lotus leaf soaking in water can help us treat a variety of discomforts

We can understand that the lotus leaf soaking in water has a great effect on our body. It can not only cure diarrhea, but also treat edema. Of course, the lotus leaf has more than just these effects on our lives. Yes, so what are the effects of lotus leaf? Let’s take a look at it together.

Treat yellow water sore

Yellow water sore is a contagious skin disease, and it is relatively stubborn and cannot be easily eradicated. There is a record in my country’s traditional Chinese medicine masterpieces that the lotus leaf can be burned into charcoal, then ground into powder, stirred with sesame oil, and then applied to the part suffering from this skin disease twice a day, which has a very magical effect. Can quickly restore the body to health.

Paint sores

The so-called paint sore is actually a kind of allergic dermatitis caused by the skin’s allergy to paint. If you want to treat this disease, you can also use the lotus leaf. Dry the lotus leaves, then brew or decoct them with boiling water, and then scrub the affected area twice a day. After a few days, you will be able to recover.

Lower blood lipids

Modern studies have found that lotus leaves have the effect of reducing blood lipids. The lotus leaf tastes bitter and has a flat nature. After taking it, it has a good health effect on the liver, spleen and stomach, and the heart. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of cooling blood and stopping bleeding. It is very suitable for patients with high blood pressure and high blood lipids.

Drinking lotus leaf soaking in water can help us treat a variety of discomforts

Through the above introduction, we can see that the lotus leaf soaking in water is very helpful to our human body. The lotus leaf can not only treat diarrhea, but also help us treat edema and yellow //www.chayi5. com/water sore, finally, I hope our introduction can be helpful to everyone. If you have anything you don’t understand, you can contact us at any time.

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