Some Taboos and Practices of Lysimachia soaked in Water

Lysimachia is a very traditional Chinese medicinal material. It can treat and prevent stones. It can also relieve swelling and anti-inflammatory effects. However, today’s test cannot be taken for a long time. If you take it for a long time, It will damage our body’s righteousness, and even make the stone problem more serious. There are many places to pay attention to when using Lysimachia soaked in water. The following editor will give you a specific introduction to some of Lysimachia soaked in water. Taboo, let’s take a look!

Some Taboos and Practices of Lysimachia soaked in Water

Taboo introduction

Not all people of physique are suitable for drinking Lysimachia soaked in water. If you have frequent diarrhea, or people with weak spleen and stomach, do not consume Lysimachia soaked in water to drink, this can easily lead to more serious physical conditions. .

When choosing Lysimachia, you must go to a regular hospital to buy it, and choose fresh Lysimachia. It is best to choose a green color, complete leaves, and some fragrance of Lysimachia. This is the best .

At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the coldness of Lysimachia, so if it is a patient with a deficiency and cold constitution, the editor does not recommend that you take it for a long time, because it can easily cause damage to the spleen and stomach. If you insist on taking Lysimachia, add some dried ginger after taking it, which can effectively reduce the cold side effects on the body.

Some Taboos and Practices of Lysimachia soaked in Water

The practice of Lysimachia

Lysimachia tea, materials: Lysimachia, sea gold sand, method: clean the two prepared materials, and then put them into the pot and add water for decoction, and finally leave the liquid medicine. Usage: Drink the obtained medicinal solution instead of tea, and one dose per day is enough. Efficacy: The main effect of this tea is to relieve the appearance and dispel cold, and it also has the effect of clearing away heat and dampness. In addition, if the body has swelling caused by nephritis or urinary tract infection and gallbladder stones, taking this tea can also restore the body to health.

Some Taboos and Practices of Lysimachia soaked in Water

What I have introduced to you above are some taboos for soaking Lysimachia in water. I believe you understand it now. Before you use Lysimachia in the future, you must see if you are suitable for soaking with Lysimachia. You can only determine if you are suitable for soaking in water. Only by drinking Lysimachia soaked in water can you protect your body.

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