Several benefits of wild chrysanthemum soaking in water

Wild chrysanthemum is a kind of chrysanthemum. It has more nutrients and is also a type of tea with pharmacological effects. It can play an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, and it can also prevent influenza viruses. Here is a specific introduction to some of the benefits and advantages of wild chrysanthemum soaking in water.

Several benefits of wild chrysanthemum soaking in water

The efficacy and role of wild chrysanthemum, clearing away heat, detoxifying, and reducing swelling. It has inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, diphtheria bacillus, streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, bacilli bacillus and influenza virus. Wild chrysanthemum is good for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, it has the effect of killing staphylococcal infections, and it can also clear away heat and detoxify.

Clinically used for:

1. Upper sense, flu: 9g each of chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, forsythia, burdock, mint leaves, 6g each of licorice, decocted in water.

2. Acute purulent inflammation: Fresh wild chrysanthemum and leaves 30-60g, frequently decocted in water, and 30-60g of its flowers and leaves, decocted in water, washed or smashed and applied to the affected area. Wild chrysanthemum can play an anti-viral effect and is good for purulent inflammation that occurs.

Several benefits of wild chrysanthemum soaking in water

3. Hypertension: 15g each of wild chrysanthemum and cassia, soak in water instead of tea (especially suitable for liver-heat hypertension).

4. Sore throat, scrofula, red eyes, swelling and pain, etc.: It can be used in combination with other medicines.

Wild chrysanthemum has the effects of soaking in water. It is sweet and bitter and cold, clearing away heat and detoxification. Chrysanthemum has the functions of dispelling wind and heat, clearing liver and improving eyesight, detoxification and anti-inflammatory. It has certain effects on eye strain, headache, high blood pressure, etc. After a daily meal, use five or six chrysanthemum flowers to make a drink to quench thirst and promote body fluid. Long-term use can prevent high blood pressure and migraine. Drinking wild chrysanthemum soaked in water can relieve eye fatigue, improve headaches and reduce blood pressure.

Several benefits of wild chrysanthemum soaking in water

Some of the benefits of wild chrysanthemum soaking in water, I have already introduced you to the relevant content above. In fact, there are many benefits of wild chrysanthemum. It can clear away heat, detoxify and remove fire, and it can also have anti-inflammatory effects. Thirst is good, you might as well try this kind of health tea, it is good for your health.

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