Which people can’t eat purslane soaked in water

Purslane is a common herb in our lives, it has the functions of clearing away heat, detoxifying, cooling and stopping bleeding. And there are many ways to eat, the more common ones are cold salad, porridge or soaking in water.

Which people can't eat purslane soaked in water

Purslane is not only a common wild vegetable in our lives, but also a good Chinese medicinal material. In Chinese medicine, purslane has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying and cooling blood to stop bleeding because of its cold nature. It is very effective for many symptoms. Good conditioning effect, but not all people with physique are suitable for consumption.

Taboos for soaking Purslane in water

It is understood that purslane contains a lot of protein, fat, vitamins, carbohydrates and various minerals. Purslane not only has a good therapeutic effect on various skin diseases, but also has a good bactericidal effect. It is recommended that those who have diarrhea and pregnant women are not suitable for taking it because it will affect the health of these people. The specific taboos of purslane soaking in water are as follows:

Experts say that you need to take a small amount of purslane at the beginning, and then gradually increase it after the body adapts to its medicinal properties. In addition, you must not add brown sugar when the purslane is soaked in water. If you want to adjust the taste, you can add some white sugar in an appropriate amount. This is because white sugar is warm in nature, while purslane is cool in nature. Adding brown sugar will affect the efficacy of purslane.

Which people can't eat purslane soaked in water

Because purslane has a cold nature, it is recommended not to take it if you have stomach weakness or diarrhea and pregnant women. In addition, Portulaca should not be taken with pepper or turtle shell.

Experts said that purslane has no obvious toxicity, but if the dose is relatively large, the user will also experience nausea and nausea.

People who are not suitable for taking purslane

One: Pregnant women must not eat purslane, because it has a fetal effect.

Two: If there are turtle shells in the Chinese medicine taken, it is recommended not to eat Portulaca oleracea during the period of taking the medicine. These two substances are mutually restrained and will cause serious effects on the body.

Three: If you have diarrhea caused by cold in your abdomen, try to eat purslane, otherwise your condition will get worse.

Which people can't eat purslane soaked in water

After reading the introduction of the editor, do you have a new understanding of the diet and contraindications of purslane? It is recommended that you pay special attention to the diet, so as not to cause more serious effects on the body. In addition, there are many ways to eat purslane, such as fried meat, cooking porridge, making dumplings, etc. You can eat it in an appropriate amount according to your preferences.

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