How to make rose tea

Everyone knows that women are prone to problems such as insufficient blood or anemia, and the complexion is not ruddy, dull and so on. Women should drink rose tea, which can regulate menstruation and regulate qi and blood. This mother’s rose tea is a good choice for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

How to make rose tea

Therapeutic effect: promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation

Nutritional value: When blood is insufficient, when menstruation is excessive, when menstruation is accompanied by dysmenorrhea

Suitable crowd: women with poor complexion and uncomfortable menstrual period

Contraindications: those with kidney deficiency

Ingredients needed for Mother Rose Tea

Main ingredients motherwort and rose

How to make motherwort rose tea

1 Use boiling water at around 85°C to make tea cups to ensure the sanitation of the tea set.

2 Use tea lotus to take out proper amount of motherwort and rose into a cup.

3 Pour into boiling water at around 85°C, soak for about 5 minutes and then drink it. You can brew it repeatedly. When there is still one-third of the water in the cup, add hot water to it.

How to make rose tea

The efficacy and role of motherwort rose tea

Motherwort has the effects of nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation, regulating menstruation, and can be used to treat symptoms such as irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea. Roses can not only balance endocrine, replenish qi and blood, but also relieve fatigue, beautify the skin, lose weight, and have a certain effect on regulating the liver and stomach. Yimu rose tea has the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing stasis, relieving pain and regulating menstruation. This kind of tea has the effect of regulating endocrine, and can also relieve fatigue. It can also lose weight because of the pain of beauty and beauty. It is a kind of tea that can regulate the liver and kidney and is suitable for many people.

How to make rose tea

Everyone knows the method of Mother Mother Rose Tea. After you understand it, you can make it for your family to share. It can be suitable for all kinds of people. Mother Mother Rose Tea can promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation. It is a good health tea to supplement various vitamins and minerals.

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