What are the benefits of drinking honey water, the benefits of drinking honey water

What are the benefits of drinking honey water, the benefits of drinking honey water

What are the benefits of drinking honey water

(1) Moisturizing the lungs

Take a fresh Sydney pear, wash, scrape, cut into thin slices and eat with honey several times a day.

(2) Slippery intestine

Taking 25 grams of honey on an empty stomach every night can eliminate the accumulation of food after meals, promote the normal secretion of gastric acid, enhance intestinal motility, and enhance the ability to defecate.

(3) Beauty

Honey has a good cosmetic effect and is an edible cosmetic agent. “Oxygen free radicals” are “garbage” in the human body, and the antioxidant effect of honey can remove this kind of garbage, so as to achieve youthful anti-aging, eliminate and reduce skin wrinkles and age spots, and make skin young and beautiful. The lady who loves beauty pays attention, as long as you take 20-30 grams of natural and mature honey with warm water every morning and night, you can strengthen your body, nourish your appearance, and make you healthier and more beautiful.

(4) Other benefits

Drinking honey water frequently can help anemia, hepatitis, cardiovascular disease, tuberculosis, hyperacidity, neurasthenia, bronchitis, cholecystitis, burns, scalds, lower extremity ulcers, hypertension, kidney disease, insomnia, constipation, etc. The disease can be recovered as soon as possible, and it has a certain auxiliary treatment and preventive effect.

What are the benefits of drinking honey water, the benefits of drinking honey water

What to pay attention to when drinking honey water

It is worth noting that honey is also the same as other drinks, do not drink too much, otherwise it will easily cause diarrhea. People with diabetes and high blood sugar should drink with caution.

When drinking, you should pay attention to drinking cooked honey in summer instead of raw honey, that is, drink honey with a sugar content of 39 degrees or more. Miscellaneous nectar below 39 degrees may contain some toxic components, such as gelsine, belladonna alkaloids or scopolamine. These toxic substances can easily cause poisoning reactions at low temperatures and even cause cholera. At present, there is no specific treatment for raw drinking honey poisoning. When buying honey and its products that claim to be cooked honey or high-quality flower species, don’t blindly believe it. Use the tip of your tongue to taste a small amount of honey, such as bitter, hemp, astringent or other peculiar smells. Don’t buy it.

After buying back the honey, it cannot be placed in metal utensils, otherwise the organic acids and carbohydrates contained in the honey will be converted into acetic acid under the action of enzymes. After long-term storage, this acetic acid will corrode the galvanized iron sheet, thereby increasing The content of heavy metals such as lead, zinc and iron in honey. Also avoid mixing with tea to avoid precipitation into black water.

What are the benefits of drinking honey water, the benefits of drinking honey water

Pregnant women drink honey water to increase their intelligence and prevent diseases

After pregnant women, due to the needs of fetal growth and development, their own consumption is very large, so they need to supplement enough nutrients, especially protein and multiple vitamins. And honey contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins A, D, E, pantothenic acid, inositol, etc., which can not only enhance nutrition, but also a natural supplement for the brain, because the nutrients required by brain cells are the highest in honey. At the same time, it can also effectively prevent or improve pregnancy-induced hypertension, pregnancy anemia, pregnancy complicated hepatitis, hemorrhoids, constipation and insomnia and other diseases and symptoms. Therefore, it is beneficial for pregnant women to drink honey water every day.

When drinking honey, it should not be boiled or brewed with boiling water. It is best to use warm water below 60°C for brewing. Cool water can be used in summer. If honey is fermented, it should not be eaten again, because the sugar in it can produce alcohol and carbon dioxide under the action of microorganisms, which not only loses its nutritional value, but also causes indigestion after eating.

What are the benefits of drinking honey water, the benefits of drinking honey water

Pregnant mothers should drink honey water for cooling tonic

After entering the 8th month of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must prepare for childbirth. On the one hand, they must do the work of cooling and tonic to improve their physical fitness; on the other hand, if they have symptoms of a cough, they must improve their symptoms.

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers drink honey water as the main ingredient for cooling tonic. The specific conditioning method is: mix honey with cold boiled water and drink it. The amount of honey can be slightly different according to personal preference. However, it should be noted that hot water or warm water can not be used to adjust honey during this period, so as to avoid flatulence or diarrhea in pregnant mothers.

In addition, honey water helps pregnant mothers to shorten the birth process and reduce pain. Therefore, the father-to-be can prepare some boiling hot water before delivery. The thicker the honey, the better, and it will be mixed into thick hot honey water. At the beginning, let her drink after breaking the water and spreading two fingers (two fingers is 4 cm without breaking the water). This is a very effective midwifery drink for pregnant mothers who give birth naturally.

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