Please stop the five bad habits of drinking tea immediately!

China is the hometown of tea, and tea drinking has been carved into the soul of Chinese people. A small piece of tea has changed from a mere drink to a social and health darling. But about drinking tea, I want to say that there are still some taboos that should be paid attention to. Let’s take a look at it below.

Five bad habits of drinking tea

Five bad habits of drinking tea

One, do not clean the tea set

Many people who drink tea often don’t clean their tea utensils often, especially those who like to play with purple clay pots, and they are reluctant to remove the dirt in the teapot.

However, there is a saying, “If you drink tea without washing the cup, the king urges his fate.”

If the tea stain remains on the tea set for a long time, it will produce toxic substances such as cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic, and nitrite. The tea stain can easily cause side effects such as premature aging.

Solution: Soak it in heated rice vinegar or baking soda for a whole day and night, and then scrub with a toothbrush to easily clean it.

If you are using a purple clay pot, you need to rinse it with boiling water after each tea is made, and wipe off the water with a pot towel.

Second, the temperature of drinking tea is too high

Many old tea friends love to drink tea that is too hot, and feel that the tea can only be tasted when the tea is hot.

However, studies have shown that the outermost mucosa of the esophagus can only tolerate a temperature of 50 to 60°C. If the temperature exceeds this temperature, the mucosa of the esophagus will be burned. If this is the case for a long time, it is easy to cause esophageal diseases.

So how to judge the temperature of the tea soup?

In fact, judging the temperature of the tea soup is very simple: the temperature of the freshly brewed tea is as high as 80-90℃, and you can drink it after three to four minutes. At this time, the temperature of the tea soup generally drops below 70℃.

Five bad habits of drinking tea

Three, drink cold tea soup

After the tea is cold, not only the taste of the tea soup changes, but there are also health risks.

After the temperature of the sugar tea is lowered, the tea polyphenols and vitamins in the tea soup will be easily oxidized, and the content will gradually decrease. In addition, the tea soup that has been exposed to the air for a long time can easily breed decaying microorganisms, which can make the tea taste and deteriorate.

And studies have shown that tea contains a lot of oxalate when it is cold, which can form small stones, block the ureter, and increase the risk of kidney stones.

Solution: brew a small amount and drink with the bubble.

Fourth, drink tea on an empty stomach

The tea polyphenols and caffeine contained in tea leaves will bind to the protein in the stomach under fasting conditions, causing irritation to the stomach and easily hurting the stomach.

Solution: Drink tea half an hour after a meal, and dark tea and black tea are high-fermentation teas. The tea is mild and suitable for tea lovers who have an upset stomach.

Five, excessive tea

Tea contains fluoride. Excessive consumption of tea can damage the kidneys. The reason is that the kidney is the main excretion organ of fluorine. When the body takes in excessive fluoride to exceed the excretion capacity of the kidney, fluorine accumulates in the body and the kidney fluorine content increases significantly. Experiments have shown that excessive fluorine retention in the kidney can cause damage to the renal tubules and medulla of the animal’s kidney.

Solution: For healthy adults, drink 6-10 grams of tea a day, and brew it in 2 to 3 times.

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