Tired drink a glass of wolfberry water to relieve work fatigue

Wolfberry is one of the common foods for all of us, and it is rich in nutrients. It has a good relieving effect on physical and mental fatigue. It can effectively eliminate fatigue, improve our body excitement, and improve people’s work efficiency. Let’s take a look at the other effects of wolfberry, let’s take a look.

Tired drink a glass of wolfberry water to relieve work fatigue

According to the test and analysis of modern technology, the wolfberry polysaccharides and wolfberry seed oil contained in wolfberry have a significant effect on improving the body’s ability to resist fatigue. At the same time, the fluorine, manganese, chromium, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, Lithium, sodium, iron, silicon, vanadium, potassium and other trace elements are also in the human body together with enzymes, hormones and vitamins to maintain the metabolic process of life and the body’s immunity.

Lycium barbarum can be divided into three parts for drinking: Lycium barbarum leaves can be used to make “Lycium barbarum tea” for drinking. Because Lycium barbarum leaves contain betaine, rutin, vitamin C, various amino acids and trace elements required by the human body, long-term drinking can improve people Anti-fatigue ability to achieve the effect of physical fitness;

The red fruit medlar has a sweet taste and can be eaten directly or soaked in boiling water, or eaten in soups, soups, and pastries, because it is rich in carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, linoleic acid, vitamin C, Betaine, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients, long-term consumption, have the effects of nourishing kidneys, nourishing lungs, assisting yang, promoting essence, nourishing qi, nourishing deficiency, and improving eyesight;

Tired drink a glass of wolfberry water to relieve work fatigue

Lycium barbarum root, also known as Digupi, is generally used as a medicinal material. Contrary to Chinese wolfberry, the root bark has a bitter taste and has the effects of clearing lung heat, reducing deficiency and fever, and lowering blood pressure. It is suitable for lung heat, cough, thirst, and deficiency. Fever, night sweats and other symptoms.

Lycium barbarum has a mild medicinal property, and it has obvious effects on the so-called “sub-healthy” people who often feel tired and physically weak. In addition, for physical deficiency and cold, coldness, liver and kidney disease, stomach cold and stomach acid, s tea. *? 艺s* network (.*?) www.chayi5.com

Constipation, insomnia, hair loss, and anemia have good therapeutic effects. It is suitable for long-term consumption of people with weak physical fitness, common colds, and poor resistance. Generally, it is better to drink 15-20 grams of wolfberry in water every day. Since wolfberry (non-root) has a strong effect on warming the body, people who are too impatient or have a red face due to frequent intake of meat foods are best to use it sparingly. Because of their physique, they tend to get angry if they eat more.

This is the function of wolfberry. I don’t know if you know after our introduction. Although wolfberry is small, it has many magical effects. I hope that friends can eat more wolfberry and drink more wolfberry water.

Tired drink a glass of wolfberry water to relieve work fatigue

Wolfberry is a kind of food that is very good for our body, it can effectively relieve our body fatigue, especially white-collar friends, the body is often in a situation of fatigue, so drink more wolfberry water, eat more wolfberry is for our body It’s very good, office workers don’t miss it, I hope our introduction can help everyone.

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