Can a goose soak in water if it doesn’t eat grass?

Goose does not eat grass, also known as cilantro coriander, which is an annual small herb, 5-20cm high. The stems are slender, creeping at the base, many branches, easy to root after landing, glabrous or slightly woolly. Among the vast number of traditional Chinese medicines, geese do not eat grass. There are no toxic side effects.

There is still a legend about the name that the goose does not eat grass. Because geese do not want to eat this kind of grass, people named it “Goose does not eat grass”. However, several children suffering from rhinitis were cured quickly after using geese without eating grass. Later, the medicinal value of this herb gradually spread.

Can a goose soak in water if it doesn’t eat grass?

You can use geese non-grass to soak in water. If you have the following symptoms, you can use 100 grams of fresh grass or 50 grams of hay to make tea. Cold, cold asthma, throat numbness, whooping cough, gas and abdominal pain, amoebic dysentery, malaria, chancre, rhinoplasty, nasal polyps, itching, erythematous, scabies, bruises. But brewing tea is not as good as boiling water.

The effect of geese not eating grass

1. Wind-cold cold: Xinsan Wentong can disperse wind-cold, but the medicine is weak. Generally, wind-cold cold is rarely used. Because it is longer than the nasal orifice, it is mainly used for people with nasal congestion, runny nose and headache due to cold and cold. It can be compatible with Asarum, Angelica dahurica, Cocklebur seed and other medicines.

2. Impaired nasal congestion: Xin Wen Sheng San, enters the lung meridian, can clear the lung orifice, and invigorate the nose. In ancient prescriptions, this product was used to stuff the nose to treat nasal swelling, nasal congestion, and headache. In modern clinical practice, it is mostly used for rhinitis (including acute rhinitis, chronic simple rhinitis, hypertrophic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, etc.). It is administered through the nasal cavity with a variety of dosage forms and is effective for single use.

Or it can be used internally with Xanthium, Xinyi, Baizhi and other medicines for dispelling wind-cold and nasal orifice, and treating nasal congestion is caused by wind-cold. If you prefer wind-heat, it can be used with mint, scutellaria, wild chrysanthemum and other medicines.

3. Cold phlegm, cough and asthma: It can also resolve phlegm, relieve cough, and relieve asthma. Because of its pungent sex, it can treat cough and phlegm, which is more suitable for those caused by cold phlegm. It can be compatible with ephedra, asarum, baibu and other medicines.

4. Sore carbuncle swelling and poison: This product can also detoxify and reduce swelling, and treat sore carbuncle swelling and poison. “Linhu Jijian Prescription” smashed this product with pangolin and angelica, add wine, twist juice, and apply medicine residue to the affected area. “Quanzhou Materia Medica” treats snake wounds, swelling and pain with fresh products pounded and applied locally.

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