Can Nepeta ears be soaked in water?

I believe that many people don’t know what a Nepeta sp bitter. But don’t underestimate Nepeta ears. Nepeta ears also have good medicinal value and can treat various diseases, including headaches, postpartum blood halos, blood in the stool, colds and other symptoms. Then, Nepeta ears can be soaked in water. ?

1. Can Nepeta ears be soaked in water?

Nepeta ears can be soaked in water and used for colds, headaches, measles, and rubella. It’s just that the effect of a single medicine is not very good. You can combine some medicinal materials for better effect, such as the combination of Fangfeng, Qianghuo, to treat wind-cold syndrome; with silver flower, forsythia, peppermint, to treat wind-heat syndrome; with gypsum, to treat wind Heat headache; with burdock seed, platycodon, raw licorice to treat swelling and sore throat; with sophora charcoal to treat blood in the stool; with Imperata cylindrica root to treat epistaxis.

2. The effect of soaking Nepeta ears in water

1. Dispel the wind and solve the table. This product is light to evacuate, tastes pungent but not strong, warm but not dry, and has a relatively peaceful nature. It is good at dispelling wind and pathogens. It is a general medicine for treating wind, not only dispelling wind-cold, but also dispelling wind-heat. , Are optional. “Materia Medica” says: “Nepeta is the wind medicine that enters the blood, so it can sweat. The main body of cold and heat, cold and heat must be caused by evil, dissipating evil and relieving muscles and sweating, then cold and heat will heal itself.

2. Dispel wind and relieve pain. It is mostly used to treat women’s postpartum wind, seizure of the mouth, stiff neck and other symptoms. Can also play a role in expelling wind and relieving spasm.

3. Regulate blood to stop bleeding. On the date of “Materia Medica Preparations”, “Nepeta can cure wind and blood at the same time, and use it to enter the wind and wood is the place where blood is stored.” “Compendium of Materia Medica” says “Nepeta, enters Jueyin. In the meridian, Jueyang is also the wind tree, the main blood is to send it to the fire, so wind disease, blood disease, sore disease is the main medicine. It can treat vomiting, hemoptysis, bleeding, bloody dysentery, collapsing, and hemorrhoids.” “Ben Cao Hui Yan” day “All the evidence of blood loss has not stopped. If you want to do it, you can stop it. Stir-fried black with nepeta can stop it. Mostly spicy aroma can disperse wind, bitter temperature can clear blood, and it is a blood stroke medicine. Also. Therefore, later generations use this product to treat various bleeding syndromes.

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