Can longan meat be soaked in water?

Longan meat is actually the pulp of longan, but when it comes to longan meat, strictly speaking, it does not exist. Because longan does not exist in this world, the so-called longan is actually dried longan. There are many ways to eat longan meat. Longan soaked in water is one of the more common ones, and it is also one that many people like, because many people know the benefits of longan soaked in water for the human body.

To say that longan meat is soaked in water, one has to say longan, but when it comes to longan, one has to say longan, which is dried longan. Longan is a kind of fruit that many people like to eat. It not only tastes good, but also has high nutritional value. Longan meat tastes different from longan, and longan meat tastes a bit medicinal. Let’s talk about the longan meat soaked in water.

Longan meat is the aril of the longan plant of the Sapindus family. It is mainly produced in Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi, Sichuan and other places. In addition, it is also produced in Taiwan, Yunnan and southern Guizhou. Guangdong’s output accounts for 50% of the country’s total output.

Longan got its name because of its round black luster and white umbilicus, which looks like the eyes of the legendary “dragon”. Fresh longan meat is extremely tender, juicy, sweet, and delicious, which is beyond the reach of other fruits. Longan refers to fresh fruit. Longan is called dried longan after being dried with shell and core. If it is shelled and cored, only the pulp is left, and it is called longan meat after sun-dried.

The longan flesh of crude drug is irregular pieces split longitudinally from the top, about 1.5 cm in length, 1.3 to 3.5 cm in width, and less than 1 mm in thickness. The surface is yellow-brown, translucent; the side near the pericarp is shrunken and rough, and the side near the seed coat is bright and wrinkled. It is soft and slightly sticky, and often sticks in the shape of a block. The smell is strong, sweet and special.

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