Can dried lychees be soaked in water?

I believe everyone should know the fruit of lychee. Do you know that lychee can actually be dried? The dried lychee can be eaten directly, but only a few people know that dried lychee can also be used as a drink. drink. Dried lychees have great benefits for our body. It is very helpful for people with weak stomachs. It is also very helpful for the elderly to drink. It is very easy to buy in life. As long as we are interested, we can take a dip and drink. So, can dried lychee be soaked in water? Here I will introduce to you the effects of dried lychee soaked in water.

1. Indications of cervical lymphatic tuberculosis

Take 50 grams of dried lychee fruit, 15 grams of seaweed, appropriate amount of rice wine, boiled in water, 1 dose per day, unlimited treatment.

2. Indications of lymphatic tuberculosis and furunculosis

Take several lychees, mash them into mud, and apply externally to the affected area once a day. Take 5-7 dried lychees, 15 grams of kelp, add appropriate amount of rice wine, and decoct in water.

3. Indications of hiccups

Take 500 grams of lychees, burn the ashes with the shell, grind the powder, and mix with warm water.

4. Indications of qi deficiency and stomach cold

Take 5 pieces of lychee meat and cook 1 small cup of wine. It is effective after several servings.

5. Indications of spleen deficiency and diarrhea

Take 15 grams of dried lychee meat, 3-5 jujubes, decoct in water and take it. Take 15 grams of dried lychee meat and 30 grams of lentils, decoct in water, once a day.

6, attending to the elderly

Take 5 dried lychees, combine a handful of spring rice, or add yam and lotus seeds, and cook porridge.

7. Indications of women’s anemia and weakness

Take 7 dried lychees and 7 jujubes, decocted in water, 1 dose a day.

8. Indications of blood collapse

The litchi shells are burned to keep the ash, and the powder is ground, 6 grams each time, and the rice wine is taken on an empty stomach.

9. Indications of pediatric enuresis

Eat about 10 dried lychees every day.

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