Can horsetail make tea?

Equisetum is a traditional Chinese medicine, which is the whole plant of Equisetum. Sweet and bitter, flat, non-toxic. Equisetum is the dry above-ground part of Equisetum, a plant of Equisetum. Equisetum has the effect of evacuating wind and heat, improving eyesight and retreating haze. Equisetum has the effect of curing wind-heat and red eyes, tears in the wind, cloudiness in the eyes, and hemorrhage. People with deficiency of qi and blood should be cautious in taking the horsetail. Taking the horsetail can damage the liver and should not take it for a long time. So can horsetail make tea and drink it? Let’s look at the following introduction.

Horse thief

The rhizome is short, brown-black, creeping and clumping; the vegetative stem is indistinguishable from the sporangia, mostly unbranched, more than 60cm in diameter, 4-10mm in diameter, with 18-30 longitudinal lines on the surface, rough, gray-green, articulated, and nodular The space is hollow, and the nodes have real marrow cores. The leaf degenerates into a scaly base and connects into a cylindrical sheath. The base of the leaf sheath and the teeth of the sheath form two dark brown circles, and the upper part is light gray. On the back of the sheath, there are three blades of ridges on both sides, forming a shallow groove. Sporangium is born on the top of the stem, oblong, sessile, with small pointed head. This species originated in the Devonian period and was particularly prosperous during the Carboniferous period, when some species could grow up to 30 meters in height. Equisetum is a regular and symmetrical plant with knotted stems and round leaves. There are still some species today, but none of them exceed a few meters in height.

Efficacy and role of horsetail

1. Improve eyesight and retreat shadows: Equisetum has the function of clearing the liver and improving eyesight. It is used for symptoms such as red eyes due to wind-heat, cloud shadows in the eyes, and tears in the wind.

2. Dispelling wind and clearing away heat: treating red eyes, typhoid fever and malaria caused by hyperactivity of liver fire. To remove rheumatism and disperse fire evil.

3. Hemostasis: treatment of intestinal wind blood, hemorrhoid blood, blood dysentery, women with constant moon water, and rectal prolapse.

4. Purge sore and swelling: treat carbuncle, scrofula, furunculosis, boil swelling, sweat spots, powdery residue, and red and white syndrome.

Can horsetail make tea?


Usage and dosage of horsetail

Oral administration: decoction, 3-10g; or into pills or powder. External use: appropriate amount, grind and sprinkle.

Horsetail medication contraindications

1. People with deficiency of qi and blood should be cautious in taking the horse thief.

2. Those who suffer from eye diseases due to anger, heat, blood, redness, swelling and pain are not their responsibility. “Materia Medica”

3, horsetail is often used to make people swollen. “The Classics Every Original”

4. Taking the horse thief often damages the liver, and it is not suitable to take it for a long time. “Materia Medica”

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