Can fresh basil leaves soak in water?

Perilla leaf soaking in water can be used as tea in daily life, and its nutritional value is very high. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that perilla leaves have a good effect on promoting qi and stomach, and relieving the appearance of cold. Therefore, if the body has nausea, nausea or cold, then you can take perilla leaves. So, is it good to drink fresh perilla leaves in water? Of course, drinking perilla leaves in water is good for human health.

Benefits of soaking fresh perilla leaves in water

1. Treat cold and cold. Perilla leaves are not big, but the color is slightly purple, and the shape looks very common, but the nutritional effect is very good. Expert research found that perilla leaves contain a lot of fat, protein and sugar, dietary fiber, vitamins, carrots and trace elements. In addition, perilla leaves also contain volatile oil and perillaldehyde, which make the leaves emit a special fragrance.

If the body suffers from a cold and cold, and the specific physical symptoms are fear of cold, coughing, shortness of breath and bloating, then you can take perilla leaves soaked in water. Under normal circumstances, when we take perilla leaves, we choose tender leaves. Not only can they be eaten raw, but they can also be used to make tea or make soup or porridge. When choosing perilla leaves, it is best to choose young leaves that are relatively flat, and have not been bitten by insects and have a large number of stalks. If the perilla leaves are pickled and taken, it is best to choose older leaves.

2. Antibacterial effect. Experts found through experiments that putting the perilla leaf reagent into a test tube can effectively inhibit the growth of grape bacteria in the test tube. Therefore, perilla leaves have a certain antibacterial effect, which can improve the body’s immunity after consumption.

3. Treat hypotension. Perilla oil extracted from perilla leaves was tested in animals, and it was found that the animals would cause blood sugar to upper body after taking it. The main ingredient in perilla leaves is perillaldehyde, which can effectively increase blood sugar levels in the body. So, if your physique is a low blood pressure physique, then you can soak perilla leaves in water every day, which is good for your body.

4. Treat vomiting. If a woman has nausea and nausea during pregnancy, or has allergies and heat stroke after eating fish and crabs, soaking perilla leaves in water can also promote the body to recover.

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