What are the benefits and taboos of tea

Black tea is rich in nutrients. Many people like to drink black tea because it can not only relieve heat and quench thirst, but also help people promote gastrointestinal digestion and increase appetite. It also has an anti-acidification effect and reduces the incidence of myocardial infarction. Has a very high health effect. Black tea is very suitable for drinking in summer, it can clear away the heat, and drinking black tea in winter can keep you warm from the cold.

What are the benefits and taboos of tea

What are the benefits of drinking black tea

Preventing the flu: When the weather changes, people often drink black tea to prevent colds. Black tea is rich in trace element potassium. After brewing, 70% of the potassium is dissolved in the tea water. Therefore, black tea can effectively enhance the heart blood circulation and reduce the consumption of calcium in the body. But the editor recommends that when drinking black tea, remember not to drink it on an empty stomach. Drinking black tea on an empty stomach will reduce digestive function.

Help gastrointestinal digestion: People who have a bad appetite often drink black tea to help promote gastrointestinal motility. From the perspective of fermentation, black tea is fermented tea, which is milder than other teas, so it is more irritating to the body Small, even people with weak spleen and stomach can drink it. Drinking black tea often can help digestion, appetite, health, remove greasiness, diuresis, and eliminate edema. There are many benefits of drinking black tea, but you must have the correct drinking method when drinking black tea. Drinking a lot of black tea can cause dizziness and palpitation.

Anti-cancer and anti-oxidation: Women drinking black tea can be anti-oxidant and anti-aging. After the tea is placed for a long time, it will become reddish brown. This is because the tea polyphenols are oxidized into reddish-brown tea pigments. Studies have shown that tea polyphenols and tea pigments have strong anti-cancer and anti-oxidant effects. Drinking black tea often has many benefits for your health.

Improve eyesight: Office workers are very suitable for drinking black tea. The tea polyphenols contained in black tea have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. If red eyes appear, you can wash them with black tea several times a day. You will obviously find that your vision has become clearer and brighter, and red blood streaks have also decreased.

Hair growth: shampooing your hair with black tea can also grow hair and eliminate dandruff. For example, if the eyebrows are sparse, you can brush your eyebrows with a brush dipped in black tea water every day. After a long time, you will find that your eyebrows become naturally dense and shiny.

What are the benefits and taboos of tea

Taboos of black tea

1. Black tea can’t be taken cold-when you drink black tea, you must drink it hot. You can’t wait for it to cool down. Drinking cold black tea will not have the effect of warming the stomach at all, and it will also lose its nutrients. It can cause diarrhea in some people with weak gastrointestinal function.

2. Black tea should not be matched with brown sugar-brown sugar should not be added when drinking black tea, because after adding black tea to black tea, the heat-clearing effect of black tea will be inhibited, and the health benefits of black tea will not be achieved. If you want to add sugar to neutralize the black tea For a bitter taste, you can add an appropriate amount of sugar. In addition, black tea is best to drink after meals. If you drink black tea on an empty stomach before meals, it will inhibit the secretion of gastric juice and affect the digestive ability of the human body. In severe cases, “tea drunkenness” may occur.

3. Black tea is easy to induce kidney stones-there is a certain amount of oxalic acid in black tea. It is easy to form calcium oxalate when it encounters calcium in the human body. This calcium oxalate cannot be digested and absorbed, and it will form kidney stones if it accumulates in the body. If you add an appropriate amount of milk when drinking black tea, it will be beneficial to the decomposition and excretion of oxalic acid in the black tea, and the incidence of kidney nodules will also be significantly reduced.

What are the benefits and taboos of tea

Drinking black tea has certain taboos. Everyday people can make some black tea if they think plain water is not good. Drinking black tea has many benefits. The caffeine in black tea can help stimulate the brain’s nerves, help people refresh and concentrate on thinking, and can also help people sharpen their thinking and enhance memory. Black tea is a kind of warm tea, which can help people’s gastrointestinal digestion, promote appetite, diuresis and eliminate edema.

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