How to make ginkgo leaf tea

Many people like to drink tea very much, and some people even use tea to achieve the goal of weight loss. Ginkgo leaf tea is a popular tea. Do you know how to make ginkgo leaf tea? How is ginkgo leaf tea made?

How to make ginkgo leaf tea

How to make ginkgo leaf tea?

In the first step, you need to find ginkgo biloba trees that are 3 or 4 years old, and pick fresh ginkgo leaves that are free of pests and damage, and then spread them into thin slices in a ventilated place, and sprinkle a small amount of water. Then forbid people to step on it.

The second step is to remove the petioles of the fresh ginkgo leaves, and then use scissors to cut the leaves to the same width as the leek leaves, and the length should not exceed one centimeter. Then, the cut ginkgo leaves are continued to be tightened, that is, in an environment where the temperature is as high as 270 degrees, and the time is about a quarter of an hour. Then, the green leaves are crushed into a ball by hand, the color of the ginkgo leaves will change from fresh green to dark brown, and the aroma can be smelled. At this time, the moisture of the leaves will be reduced by about half. Pay attention to controlling the heat when you are killing it. You can’t overdo it, and you can’t kill it too lightly, but it’s just right.

In the third step, after finishing, press and knead again, and then gently knead, and wait until the ginkgo leaves have been compacted.

The fourth step is to dry it. Use a fire of no more than 100 degrees to dry it. When it is almost dry, it will be spread and aired, so that the ginkgo leaves can evaporate water and realize self-conditioning. After spreading for an hour, put the ginkgo biloba leaves in a dryer for drying. Since then, Ginkgo biloba tea has been truly made.

After ginkgo leaf tea is prepared, it should generally be stored in a moisture-proof and ventilated place. When drinking, take it with boiling water, soak for 3 minutes, then you can drink directly. Ginkgo biloba tea contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. Regular drinking can help human health to a certain extent. Especially people with three highs can drink more appropriately to protect the heart, brain, kidney and other organs.

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