Eucommia soaks in water to help men invigorate kidney and yang

Eucommia ulmoides is a kind of Chinese medicine and can also be eaten as food. Generally speaking, people drink eucommia soaked in water a lot, especially for men. Drinking eucommia soaked in water has very good health effects. Eucommia soaked in water has very good medicinal properties. If men often have waist and knee pain or liver and kidney deficiency, they can use Eucommia soaked in water to drink.

Eucommia soaks in water to help men nourish the kidneys and yang

Eucommia soaks in water to help men nourish the kidneys and yang

Eucommia ulmoides can not only be made into prescriptions, but also can be used in recipes to make delicious medicinal meals. Eucommia ulmoides is soaked in water. The method of taking eucommia is actually very simple. You can directly brew eucommia leaves directly. In addition, you can also soak eucommia and wolfberry in water or cook porridge. What are the effects of eating eucommia for men?

1. Nourish yin and yang, nourish liver and kidney. The effect is much better than Huiren Shenbao.

2. Strengthen muscles and bones, eliminate fatigue. The prolongation rate of anti-fatigue effect reaches 100%.

3. Improve immunity and delay aging. Taking ve to protect youth and beauty, and the anti-aging effect of Eucommia is more than 4 times that of VE.

4. Two-way regulation of blood pressure. The so-called two-way regulation of blood pressure means that high blood pressure can be lowered and hypotension can be raised. Eucommia ulmoides is currently the only natural plant in the world that can regulate blood pressure in both directions without any side effects. The reason is the extremely high content of pinoresinol diglucoside.

Eucommia soaks in water to help men nourish the kidneys and yang

5. Prevent influenza and resist hepatitis B virus. It is rich in chlorogenic acid, which is the effective ingredient of nearly 60 antiviral drugs.

6. Remove fat and beautify the skin, beautify the body and thin waist. Eat pig skin and chicken feet to maintain your skin because pig skin and chicken feet are rich in collagen, which can make the skin smooth and elastic. Eucommia ulmoides contains 77 times the collagen of ordinary food. Eucommia ulmoides can fully burn fat, but does not produce calories, so it is very easy to lose weight.

Efficacy and role of Eucommia: Tonifying the kidney

“Compendium of Materia Medica” by Li Shizhen, a well-known ancient Chinese medical scientist, records “Eucommia ulmoides can enter the liver and kidneys, nourish the middle and nourish vital energy, strengthen muscles and bones, strengthen aspirations, cure kidney deficiency and low back pain, take long time, light body and endure aging”. It has a history of more than 2,000 years as a top-grade Chinese medicine. Taboo of Eucommia: The normal dosage of Eucommia tea is 10-15 grams per day, which can be drunk three times. Do not drink too much.

Eucommia soaks in water to help men nourish the kidneys and yang

Soaking eucommia ulmoides in water can help men impotence, because eucommia ulmoides is warm in nature and has a sweet taste to eat. Regular consumption of eucommia ulmoides can help men nourish the kidneys, liver, and strengthen muscles and bones. Eucommia ulmoides is not only suitable for men, but also very suitable for women during pregnancy. Taking eucommia ulmoides during pregnancy can help to relieve the fetus. Eucommia has the effect of lowering blood pressure for patients with high blood pressure, and it can also maintain good health.

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