The effects of lemon licorice tea

Lemons, lemons will appear in many places in our lives. For example, using lemon juice when cooking dishes will make the dishes taste better and flavorful, and lemon slices are rarely praised by everyone, because in summer lemons Adding honey to water will quench thirst and refresh, and lemon also has anti-inflammatory and cough-reducing effects. In fact, many female friends use lemonade to lose weight. It does have such an effect, so today we will introduce the effect of lemon licorice tea. Everyone knows that licorice has the effect of relieving cough. After a reasonable combination, it can moisturize the throat and smooth the air.

The effects of lemon licorice tea

It can permeate cells, remove toxins and wastes generated by metabolism in cells, and excrete the impurities that accumulate in the body such as lead, mercury, heavy metals, radiation, copper acid, pesticides, uric acid, alcohol and other harmful substances to the human body. Make the blood pure, and the nutrient oxygen necessary for the human body can be fully effective to the brain and various tissues and organs of the body.

It can make the mind clear, quick thinking, eliminate dizziness and fatigue, daily drinking, benefit a lot, is the sacred product of beverages. Neutralize gastric acid, cleanse the intestines, etc. It can remove ketones, the metabolic waste products in the process of fat conversion, as well as washing and removing excessive salt oil, sugar, monosodium glutamate, heavy metal antibiotics, alcohol, pesticide residues and other unwanted substances in the body.

Lemon licorice tea is adjusted into a paste for external application, women’s diseases can be washed with lemon tea, the effect is quick and significant. The same lemon drink, lemon juice and lemon honey have their own effects, but lemon tea is just a bit worse. It is not that lemon tea is ineffective, but black tea is made at high temperature. The active ingredient catechins in the tea are destroyed, but the harmful substances are increased, and the tannins in the tea plus citric acid are quite acidic. People with stomach problems It is best to avoid drinking, but for those who have no trouble in the stomach, a cup of lemon tea after a meal can indeed help digestion.

The effects of lemon licorice tea

These are the effects of lemon licorice tea that I summarized, and because of its so many effects, more and more people now drink lemon tea, because it not only loses weight, but also smoothes the intestines and stomach. Lemon and licorice are available in supermarkets, and they are relatively simple to make. They are rich in vitamin C and are very effective in maintaining skin tension and elasticity.

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