How to eat licorice recommend two health teas

The health value of each ingredient is different. Everyone knows that licorice is a kind of Chinese medicinal material, and it is also a kind of food. These two teas are good choices, they can have very good health care effects and effects.

How to eat licorice recommend two health teas

Myrobalan and Licorice Tea

[Composition]9 grams of myrobalan, 3 grams of licorice, appropriate amounts of sugar and tea.

【Functions】Clear the lungs and relieve the pharynx, constrict the lungs and lower the qi.

【Indications】①Chronic simple laryngitis, cough and aphonia, those with pulmonary fever. ②Voice workers who have too much throat fatigue, resulting in hoarse voice. Such teas can have a good effect on relieving coughs, and have a certain effect on clearing away heat, detoxification and removing fire gas.

[Preparation method]Put the medicine powder in a warm cup, brew with boiling water, cover for about 15 minutes, add white sugar or rock sugar (according to the patient’s likes and dislikes), and frequently replace tea. Take 1 to 2 doses daily.

【Troubleshooting】Should not be used for “violent spleen” caused by exogenous wind and cold.

How to eat licorice recommend two health teas

Guizhi Licorice Tea

[Composition]10 grams of cinnamon sticks and 5 grams of raw licorice.

[Functions]Warming and nourishing the heart and yang, and invigorating qi.

【Indications】Wind-cold, catching a cold, sweating too much. Seeing heart palpitations, heat, or even shaking, fluctuating pulse, large or small. Such tea can relieve colds and colds, and can also detoxify.

[Preparation method]Chop the two flavors, put them in a thermos cup, brew with boiling water, cover for 15 minutes, replace the tea, and drink it in 2 to 3 times. Take 1 benefit daily[indications]Avoid use for those with wind-heat or damp-heat syndrome, fever, red urine, and yellow tongue coating.

How to eat licorice recommend two health teas

How to eat licorice, the two teas introduced above are good choices. They can be matched with many different Chinese medicinal materials. They can play a very good health care effect and effect, and can also relieve the effect of cold and cold. It can also improve physical fitness while relieving cough and phlegm. Try it now.

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