Introduction of licorice tea brewing and side effects

Licorice is a very common Chinese medicinal material, and many medicines have such ingredients, which can relieve cough, resolve phlegm and relieve asthma. Of course, licorice can also be brewed in tea, which can play a good role in alleviating lung diseases. Let’s take a look at the brewing methods and tips of these licorice tea, you will know more about it.

Introduction of licorice tea brewing and side effects

Dilong Licorice Tea

[Composition]2 parts of dried earthworm and 1 part of raw licorice.

【Functions】Relieve heat and relieve asthma.

[Indications]Bronchial asthma.

[Preparation method]ground dragon and licorice according to the proportion, grind into coarse powder, 3 to 4 grams each time, brew with boiling water, cover for 15 minutes, and drink with the residue. 2 to 3 times a day.

【Troubleshooting】Cable for cold-phlegm asthma.

Introduction of licorice tea brewing and side effects

Red peony licorice tea

[Composition]15 grams of red peony root, 5 grams of raw licorice, 2 grams of green tea.

[Functions]Activating blood to remove blood stasis, reducing inflammation and relieving pain.

[Indications]Thromboangiitis, symptoms include redness, swelling and burning of the affected limbs, unbearable pain, intermittent claudication, and cord-like hardened veins can be palpable on the epidermis. Such a combination method can relieve pain, and has a certain effect and effect on promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, as well as anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving.

[Preparation method]Green tea is placed in a cup with a lid, and then the remaining two flavors are used in an appropriate amount of water. After boiling, brew the tea leaves, cover for 15 minutes, and drink frequently instead of tea. 1 dose daily.

【Troubleshooting】Stopped for those with blood deficiency and cold and cold limbs.

Contraindications of licorice:

It is not suitable for people with dampness and swelling. Do not eat with carp, the same food will cause poisoning. Anti-euphorbia, coriander, kansui, seaweed. Taking a large dose of raw licorice for a long time can cause edema and so on. Licorice also has side effects, so you should pay attention to some matching methods, so as not to eat improperly, it will have some side effects on your health.

Introduction of licorice tea brewing and side effects

Everyone knows some of the brewing methods and benefits of licorice tea. Different collocation methods have different effects. We can choose according to our own needs. Different collocations can have the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, reducing inflammation and relieving pain. Improving physical fitness is good, but it can also prevent diseases. Pay attention to the taboos.

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