Efficacy of Angelica Soaked in Water and Contraindications

Speaking of angelica, everyone may be familiar with it. This is a very common Chinese medicinal material, which is more suitable for women to take. It can nourish blood, regulate menstruation, and is very helpful to the digestive system. In addition to being used to prepare traditional Chinese medicine, it can also be soaked in water. Under normal circumstances, everyone just makes hot water directly, but do you know that there are contraindications to soaking Angelica in water?

Efficacy of Angelica Soaked in Water and Contraindications

Nine major effects of Angelica soaked in water

If there is irregular menstruation or poor physique in life, the use of angelica soaking in water can play an effective role in conditioning, but in fact, angelica is not as perfect as everyone thinks. There are still many contraindications in eating, especially When soaking in water, you must first know your physical condition, and pay attention to the amount and time of consumption, so as not to cause adverse effects on the body.

The taboo of angelica soaked in water

The old Chinese doctor said that there are many taboos for the consumption of angelica, especially those who like to use angelica to soak in water, must pay attention to the appropriate amount, otherwise the health care effect will not be achieved, and it will also have certain side effects on the body.

Efficacy of Angelica Soaked in Water and Contraindications

If you experience fatigue or drowsiness after drinking the angelica water, stop taking the angelica water and the discomfort will disappear. In addition, some people may experience fever, dry mouth, nausea, and nausea after drinking angelica water. If you stop taking it at this time, the symptoms will be relieved. According to research, when a large amount of angelica is consumed, the body is prone to drop in blood pressure and hungry, and even stop breathing, which affects our health. Therefore, you must follow your doctor’s advice when taking Angelica sinensis.

At the same time, everyone should also pay attention that not everyone is suitable for taking Angelica sinensis. If the body has increased menstrual volume or has a tendency to hemorrhage, and is accompanied by Yin deficiency, internal heat and loose stools, it is not suitable for Angelica soaking in water. Not only does it fail to achieve health care effects, but it also has serious effects on the kidneys and body weight.

Efficacy of Angelica Soaked in Water and Contraindications

After reading the introduction in the editor above, do you have a new understanding of the use of angelica? I hope that the friends who like to keep healthy should pay attention to the body because of their wrong eating methods. In addition to medicinal use and soaking in water, you can also make soup when you eat Angelica. For example, Angelica Astragalus Tea and Angelica Polygoni Multiflora Chicken Soup are good kidney-tonifying foods.

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