What are the contraindications and precautions for soaking Polygonum multiflorum in water

Polygonum multiflorum is a widely spread tonic Chinese medicinal material, which can be used for Ufa operations. Therefore, this medicinal material is widely used by people. At the same time, it also has a long history. Polygonum multiflorum is divided into raw shouwu and preparation of shouwu , And their efficacy will be different. The fleece-flower roots bought on the market are all processed fleece-flower roots. So, what are the taboos of Polygonum multiflorum soaking in water and what should be paid attention to? Let’s learn more about it below.

What are the contraindications and precautions for soaking Polygonum multiflorum in water

The Taboo of Polygonum Multiflorum Soaking in Water

In our daily life, we need to be clear that raw Polygonum multiflorum is a certain toxin. Although it can be used as medicine, it cannot be taken for a long time to avoid causing more damage and impact on our own health. At the same time, buying Polygonum multiflorum also needs to choose a regular pharmacy to ensure that it is a qualified product. Polygonum multiflorum that is sold on the market now, whether it is wild or artificially planted, is not completely green anymore. Due to the continuous pollution of the growing environment, many wild Polygonum multiflorum do not pass the drug test, and there may even be excessive lead content.

First: Take it daily to avoid side effects

Experts tell us that although Polygonum multiflorum shows fewer side effects in clinical medicine, some people will have bad reactions after taking Polygonum multiflorum. It mainly manifests obvious symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Therefore, it is not easy to take a large amount of Polygonum multiflorum to avoid any health effects, especially if you have abnormal symptoms after taking it, you should stop taking it.

What are the contraindications and precautions for soaking Polygonum multiflorum in water

Second: Pregnant women must pay attention to the amount of Polygonum multiflorum

According to modern medical research, Polygonum multiflorum has many elements that are of great benefit to the human body, such as lecithin, chrysophanol, and emodin. These substances can reduce the serum cholesterol content in the body after entering the body. It reduces the appearance of atherosclerosis in the body, and also has the effects of strengthening the tibia, lowering blood sugar, and promoting metabolism. Although Polygonum multiflorum is very good, pregnant women need to pay attention to the dosage, otherwise it will easily affect the health of the fetus.Especially soaking in water and drinking more needs to pay attention to the amount, too much is not only caused to the health of pregnant women

However, although Polygonum multiflorum is good, women during pregnancy must pay special attention because they have already taken on another small life in their bodies. When taking Polygonum multiflorum as medicine or soaking Polygonum multiflorum in water, you must pay attention to the appropriate amount. If the consumption of Polygonum multiflorum in excess is not only easy to cause damage to the body of pregnant women, it may even endanger the health and development of the fetus.

What are the contraindications and precautions for soaking Polygonum multiflorum in water

In summary, taking Polygonum multiflorum requires understanding of your own system and physique to be beneficial to your body. In particular, taking Polygonum multiflorum indiscriminately can easily lead to side effects, such as nausea, vomiting and even stomach pain. These adverse reactions are not It is very serious, but it also needs to be taken seriously by people and stop taking drugs, so that the body can be adjusted to restore health faster.

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