Can a kind of Poria Chinese medicine be soaked in water?

Our TCM culture is broad and profound. TCM is the one we usually have the most contact with. Therefore, we usually have the most contact with TCM. TCM has milder medicinal properties, and there are many important types. Among them, we are familiar with Poria Everyone can generally get to it. So if Poria can be soaked in water, many people would like to know. Let’s find out below.

Can a kind of Poria Chinese medicine be soaked in water?

Poria is a kind of Chinese medicinal material that we often come into contact with in our daily life. It has many benefits to the human body. However, everyone does not know how to take Poria. So can Poria be soaked in water? Everyone wants to know. Let’s take a look. .

Can Poria cocos be soaked in water? Poria cocos are sweet and flat in nature and enter the heart, lungs, and spleen channels. It has the effects of invigorating dampness and diuresis, strengthening the spleen and stomach, calming the heart and calming the nerves. It can treat dysuria, swelling and fullness, phlegm-drinking and coughing, vomiting, dysfunction, diarrhea, nocturnal emission, drenching turbidity, palpitations, forgetfulness and other symptoms.

Can a kind of Poria Chinese medicine be soaked in water?

The pharmacological effects of Poria

1. Diuretic effect: 25% tuckahoe alcohol infusion is injected into the abdominal cavity of normal rabbits with 0.5g/Kg, and the diuretic effect appears. Experiments with rats that have removed the adrenal glands have shown that the diuretic effect is related to the influence of the absorption of Na+ in the renal tubules.

2. Anticancer effect: Poria cocosylglycan has an inhibitory effect on mouse sarcoma S180, with an inhibition rate of 96.88%. Poria cocos F1 and H11 can be extracted from the poria cocos mycelium obtained from artificial deep culture, which is obvious Anti-tumor activity.

3. Immune enhancement effect: Poria cocos can enhance the immune function of normal and tumor-bearing mice, and can enhance the phagocytic function of mouse macrophages.

4. Poria water, ethanol, and ether extracts can enhance contraction and speed up the heart rate of isolated frog hearts. 5. Decoctions, especially Poria injection, have a sedative effect on animals. According to the pharmacological effects of Poria. I think everyone can take it, soaking in water is also okay. The dosage is 15-20 grams. The same amount of Astragalus can be added to replenish qi, and the effect is better.

Can a kind of Poria Chinese medicine be soaked in water?

Through the above introduction, we all know that we have a certain understanding of Poria can not be soaked in water, the answer is yes, Poria can be soaked in water, so friends we need can use this method to improve their bodies, and Poria also has many functions and effects, we can try it out at home.

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