What to pay attention to when drinking corn to be soaked in water

There are many ways to eat corn silk, among which soaking in water is a good choice. Soaking corn silk in water has many health benefits. However, there are several things to pay attention to when soaking corn silk in water. Then soaking corn silk What are the taboos for drinking water? Let’s take a look at it together.

Taboos for soaking corn in water

Experts tell us that taking fresh corn whisker in water can effectively lower blood sugar and is suitable for diabetic patients. At the same time, patients with high blood pressure can also lower blood pressure after taking it. In summer, many people boil corn at home, but throwing away the corn beard is a very wasteful behavior.

What to pay attention to when drinking corn to be soaked in water

In Chinese medicine, corn silk is also called dragon silk, which has a very wide range of health effects. The corn silk tea is brewed with boiling water to make corn silk tea, which not only tastes sweet and delicious, but also has a lot of benefits for the body.

In daily life, we can drink more corn silk tea, because this tea is not only cheap in terms of production, but also has the advantages of preventing and curing diseases such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia. In the hot summer weather, soaking corn in water also has the effect of cooling blood and relieving heat. Women during pregnancy can also take corn silk, which not only prevents miscarriage, but also has a good therapeutic effect on breast milk obstruction.

Under normal circumstances, we take corn silk will not cause side effects to the body. But the editor recommends that you must pay attention to the amount when taking corn silk tea. It should not exceed three to five grams each time, and it is best to choose fresh corn silk to take it.

How to eat corn silk

Corn can be made into a variety of foods in daily life, and the taste is very good. Corn beard is widely used in our country, and its nutritional value is also relatively high, which is of great help to the body. So, how should we use it in daily life? The specific methods of eating corn silk are as follows:

First: Corn Silk Tea Material: Corn Silk

What to pay attention to when drinking corn to be soaked in water

Method: The method of making corn silk tea is very simple. You first need to wash the ingredients, and then take it after brewing it with boiling water. In addition, you can also put the corn to be boiled in a pot with water, and take the soup after it is cooked. In addition, you can also brew the corn silk and green tea together with boiling water after drying in the shade, so that the weight loss effect is very good.

Second: Corn silk porridge with coix seed material: corn silk, coix seed, rice, Imperata cylindrica root

Method: Put the corn silk and Imperata cylindrica roots into the pot and add water, leaving the liquid medicine at last. Add rice and coix seed to the medicinal solution, and take it after cooking it into porridge.

Efficacy: This recipe is suitable for elderly people. It has the effect of diuresis and swelling. It can also clear away heat and dehumidify. In addition, patients with damp-heat type erythema can also take this corn silk porridge, which can effectively promote the body to restore health.

Third: Corn silk and white grass root soup Material: corn silk, white grass root, red dates

Method: Soak the three Chinese herbal medicines in clean water for one hour, then simmer for 40 minutes on low heat. Finally, leave the medicinal solution and red dates to take.

Efficacy: This recipe is suitable for some middle-aged and elderly people with cholelithiasis, especially gallstones of liver and gallbladder damp-heat type, long-term use can make the body healthier and healthier.

Fourth: Dendrobium corn silk tea material: Dendrobium, corn silk, reed root

Method: Put the three ingredients together in a teacup, then pour it into boiling water, take it after 10 minutes, uncover it, and take it once a day.

Efficacy: The main function of this Dendrobium corn silk tea is to nourish yin, clear away heat and diuresis. It is suitable for some patients with oliguria and dry mouth. It can also be taken by patients with collapsed eyes and dry skin. This has a lot of benefits for the body.

Soaking corn whisker in water hope that everyone can apply what you have learned. At the same time, as long as you pay attention to the above introduction, the health effect of drinking corn whisker in water can be very good. In addition, it is best when you boil corn and eat it. Don’t eat corn whiskers. If you don’t want to treat diseases, taking corn whiskers is not a good choice. You need to keep this in mind.

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