What are the benefits of soaking in water?

Speaking of Northern Adenophora, many people may not know it, but it is a kind of plant that is often used in Chinese medicine to nourish yin. It is a kind of plant. It is used as medicine. Maybe we have taken it when we are sick, but we don’t know it. That’s all, today I will let the editor take you to get to know the ginseng ginseng. Maybe we often see the elderly use it to soak in water. We will know the benefits of ginseng soaking in water later.

What are the benefits of soaking in water?

Adenophora radiata is edited as a plant of the Umbelliferae family Coralca, and its roots are used as medicine. Adenophora sylvestris has a sweet and sweet taste and is a commonly used medicine for nourishing yin, nourishing yin and clearing lungs, eliminating phlegm and relieving cough. Indications of dryness of the lungs, dry cough, heat injury, and thirst. Mainly produced in Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and other places. Also known as Laiyang ginseng, sea ginseng, silver ginseng, Liao ginseng, sage ginseng, striped ginseng, and Beitiao ginseng. The roots of Adenophora adenophorum are slender, 0.2-1.5cm in diameter. The surface is pale yellow and white, slightly rough, with occasional residual skin; the surface without the skin is horizontally brown, with irregular longitudinal grooves and fissures, horizontal brown and horizontal long lenticels, and fine root marks with more punctate protrusions. The roots become thinner and there are residual stem bases. The texture is firm and brittle, easy to break, the section of the skin is light yellow and white, the cambium ring is dark brown, and the wood is yellow, radial. Slightly fragrant, slightly sweet taste. It is better to have uniform thickness, consistent length, clean cork removal, and yellowish white color.

Northern Adenophora contains volatile oil, coumarin, starch, alkaloids, triterpene acid, stigmasterol, various sterols, adenosine and other ingredients. Experiments have proved that Adenophora radiata can increase the ratio of T cells, increase the conversion rate of lymphocytes, increase white blood cells, enhance the function of macrophages, prolong the existence of antibodies, increase B cells, and promote immune function. Northern Adenophora can enhance righteousness, reduce disease and prevent cancer. Treatment of insufficient stomach grade, hyperactivity of the stomach, red eyes and tongue sores. It is used for symptoms such as Yin deficiency and fire, fever, body fluids and wounds, thirst, bone steaming and fatigue, dry skin, bitter mouth and polydipsia. Adenophora sylvestris is sweet and moisturizing, slightly bitter and cold, it can nourish lung yin and clear lung heat. It is suitable for people with yin deficiency and lung dryness and heat, such as dry cough, less phlegm, chronic cough, or dry throat with hoarse voice. It can also be used It is used to treat Yin deficiency, fatigue, fever, cough and hemoptysis. The ethanol extract of Adenophora sylvestris can make the body temperature of normal rabbits slightly drop, and it also has antipyretic effect on rabbits with fever caused by typhoid vaccine. In addition, the application of rabbit dental pulp electrical stimulation method also proved that the ethanol extract of Adenophora sylvestris has analgesic effect.

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