What is the effect of Baizhi soaked in water?

We all know that soaking in water has many effects. Just like tea is a typical example, there are also many fruits, flowers, and plants that can be soaked in water; today we are going to introduce one of them. One of them is Angelica dahurica. Maybe some people don’t know what Angelica dahurica is. It’s okay. Next, we will talk specifically about what Angelica dahurica is and what is the effect of drinking it in water.

What is the effect of Baizhi soaked in water?

Angelica dahurica, a tall perennial herb, 1-2.5 meters in height, cylindrical root, 2-5 cm in diameter at the base of the stem, basal leaves once pinnately divided, multiple umbels are terminal or lateral, and the fruit is oblong to ovoid shape.

The root is used as medicine, and it has the functions of removing diseases, removing dampness, draining pus, promoting muscle growth, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. Indications of cold, headache, rhinitis, toothache. It can also be used as a spice for symptoms such as under the red leucorrhea, painful boils, swelling and poisoning. Some provinces in the north have cultivation, most of which are self-produced and sold, and a few are transferred to other provinces. It is generally born under forests, forest edges, streams, shrubs and valley grasslands.

The product is long conical, 10-25 cm long and 1.5-2.5 cm in diameter. The surface is gray-brown or yellow-brown, the root head is blunt quadrangular or nearly round, with longitudinal wrinkles, root marks and lenticel-like lateral protrusions, and some are arranged in four longitudinal rows. There is a hollow stem mark on the top. Solid quality, white or off-white in cross section, powdery, cambium ring brown, nearly square or nearly round, with many brown oil spots scattered on the skin. Fragrant, pungent, slightly bitter.

Function Indication, Dispel wind, dry dampness, reduce swelling, relieve pain. Cure headache, eyebrow bone pain, tooth pain, nasal cavity, cold and damp abdominal pain, intestinal wind and hemorrhoids, red leucorrhea, carbuncle sore, skin dryness, itching, scabies.

Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesicAccording to research findings, Angelica dahurica has a good effect on treating inflammation. For fever caused by colds and inflammations, the purpose of improvement and cure can be achieved by eating Angelica dahurica. The pain ingredients contained in Angelica dahurica also have an analgesic effect.

Antispasmodic and antihypertensiveFor the cramps caused by calcium deficiency and the cramps caused by sudden changes in temperature, they can be prevented and relieved by taking the medicated food cooked by Angelica dahurica. The study also found that the blood pressure of people who consumed Angelica dahurica medicated diet was significantly reduced, because Angelica dahurica contains a lot of antihypertensive ingredients, which can control the body’s cholesterol, so as to achieve the purpose of lowering blood pressure and lipids.

Antibacterial sunscreen, The soup made from Angelica dahurica has a certain inhibitory effect on various harmful bacteria, so I often take Angelica dahurica medicated diet, which can kill and inhibit harmful bacteria in our body. It is good for inflammation, skin diseases, diarrhea, etc. caused by bacteria. Symptoms can be improved by taking Angelica dahurica. Studies have also found that Angelica dahurica has a strong anti-ultraviolet radiation effect. We can often see Angelica dahurica in the ingredient list of many sunscreens. Therefore, female friends who are afraid of tanning can prevent it by eating Angelica dahurica.

Anti-cancer, the isoimperatorin and angelica contained in Angelica dahurica have good anticancer effects, and have a good inhibitory effect on the production and proliferation of cancer cells. Therefore, the medicinal diet cooked by dahurica dahurica can achieve very good results. Good anti-cancer purpose.

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