Effects of Qianghuo Banlangen Tea

Everyone has heard of Isatis root, and many cold medicines have this ingredient; Isatis root can not only rush to prevent colds before catching a cold, but also can be used to reduce inflammation even in colds. Isatis can be said to be a must-have medicine at home; in fact, There is also a kind of Isatis root tea, which can be used daily to increase immunity, that is Qianghuo Isatis root tea, which is currently used by many people, let’s take a look at what is the role of Qianghuo Isatis root tea?

Effects of Qianghuo Banlangen Tea

Isatis root (commonly known as indigo root, blue indigo root, and Daqing root) is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. It is the dry root of the cruciferous plant Isatis indica, which is usually excavated in autumn and can be used as medicine after processing. Produced all over China. Radix Isatidis is divided into North Radix Isatidis and South Radix Isatidis. The source of North Radix Isatidis is the root of the cruciferous plant Isatis indigotica and the South Radix Isatidis is the rhizome and root of the Acanthaceae plant Malan. It is cold in nature, tastes slightly sweet first and then bitter and astringent. It has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, preventing colds, and relieving the pharynx. It is mainly used to treat diseases such as warm toxin, dark spots, dark purple tongue, and rotten throat Dan Gu.

Radix Isatidis has obvious clinical effects in clearing heat and cooling blood, anti-virus and anti-bacterial, and in large dosage, it can be regarded as the most patented Chinese medicine. Research results show that Isatis indigotica has a significant effect in removing pyrogens that can cause body temperature to rise in the body, and this active substance has been isolated. The anti-fever effect of Radix Isatidis is achieved by killing viruses and bacteria and other pathogens in the body, removing peroxy free radicals and pyrogens that cause fever. In the case of low-grade fever, taking Chinese patent medicines such as Banlangen can not only effectively reduce the fever, but also promote the recovery of the body and strengthen the immune system.

Qianghuo is a medicine that can not only relieve sweating, but also dispel rheumatism and relieve pain. However, when used as a sweating and dispelling medicine, its effects of dispelling wind and pain should be closely combined, that is, it must be used clinically for wind-cold symptoms. Consider using it only if you have headaches or joint pain. As for the treatment of rheumatic arthralgia, it can be applied regardless of symptoms. According to clinical practice in recent years, the product has a very good effect on reducing fever. It can be used with antipyretic drugs such as dandelion and isatis root to treat wind-heat symptoms, and generally there will be no fever again after the fever has subsided.

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