Can pregnant women drink wormwood soaked water?

After pregnancy, there are many things to pay attention to, especially in the first trimester. Not only must be careful not to exercise vigorously, but also the daily diet of pregnant women needs to be cautious, because the first trimester is the period when the fetus is formed, if you don’t pay attention. , It is very likely to cause malformations in the fetus; in addition to dietary issues, the same is true for the use of medicinal materials. So, can pregnant women drink wormwood soaked water? To solve this problem, let’s take a look. Bar.

Can pregnant women drink wormwood soaked water?

Artemisia sphaerocephala has a significant hepatoprotective effect, and has a significant effect on hepatitis A, B and icteric hepatitis. It is good for bile, promotes bile secretion, and increases the excretion of bile acid and bilirubin in bile. It can increase coronary blood flow in the heart, improve microcirculation, and have the effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, anticoagulation, diuresis, antipyretic and antiasthmatic, repelling roundworms and inhibiting a variety of pathogenic skin fungi and bacteria.

Artemisia sphaerocephala has a complete inhibitory effect on human tubercle bacilli, and has a certain inhibitory effect on certain skin fungi. It has significant effects on eliminating heat and dampness, clearing the liver and promoting gallbladder, lowering blood pressure, etc. It has the effect on damp-heat jaundice, jaundice-type hepatitis, chest pain, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, high blood pressure, upset, insomnia, dizziness and dizziness.

Can pregnant women drink Artemisia water?

Artemisia wormwood is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine with a sweet smell and a bit bitterness. Generally speaking, it has a very good therapeutic effect for the treatment of human cough or sore throat, especially for gonorrhea caused by fire, or rheumatism, and vomiting blood. It has a very good effect. If you have a traumatic bleeding It can also be treated with this. Generally speaking, it is used according to the method of eating Chinese herbal medicine. People with weak spleen and stomach should take this medicine less, otherwise it may cause stomach and intestinal discomfort.

When pregnant women have jaundice, they can drink Artemisia spp. water in moderation, because Artemisia spp. water can effectively inhibit the effect of staphylococcus and also has a protective effect on the human liver. It is recommended to take it under the guidance of a doctor.

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