What is the effect of soaking Adenophora and Polygonatum soaked in water?

Nowadays, many people have entered the cycle of going home from work after reading and entering the society. They can’t spare time for exercise, so their physical fitness is getting worse and worse. Poor physical fitness is prone to various diseases. At this time, we can appropriately eat some nourishing foods or medicines to alleviate this situation, such as Polygonatum odoratum. So what is the effect of soaking Adenophora odoratum in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together.

What is the effect of soaking Adenophora and Polygonatum soaked in water?

The effect of soaking Adenophora and Polygonatum odoratum in water

Adenophora is a common yin-tonifying medicine that can nourish yin and clear lungs, eliminate phlegm and relieve cough, nourish stomach, and relieve throat. It can treat tuberculosis, insufficient lung yin, lung heat, dry throat, thirst, hoarse voice, etc. It is also very suitable for heat Take it for those who experience dry cough, night sweats, low-grade fever after venereal disease.

In addition, people with diabetes and cancer can also use Adenophora to regulate their bodies. Polygonatum odoratum can nourish yin, moisturize dryness, relieve irritation, and quench thirst. It is a commonly used medicine for nourishing yin. Not only that, Polygonatum odoratum has a heart strengthening effect, a significant inhibitory effect on hyperglycemia caused by adrenaline, and an inhibitory effect on hyperglycemia caused by glucose. In addition, Polygonatum odoratum also has a diuretic function.

In addition, it is also more suitable for patients with heart failure, rheumatic heart disease, coronary atherosclerotic heart disease and cor pulmonale. Ophiopogon is cold and moisturizing, has good effect on nourishing yin and moisturizing dryness. It is suitable for symptoms of yin deficiency and internal heat, dry cough and body loss. It is not suitable for water dampness, cold dampness, turbid phlegm and obvious qi deficiency caused by spleen deficiency and dereliction of duty. Disease.

Who is suitable to eat Polygonatum odoratum

Polygonatum odoratum is suitable for people with dry cough, sore throat, stomach pain, dizziness, heart failure, deficiency-heat and irritability, and three highs. It is especially suitable for people with weak physique, reduced immunity, yin deficiency and heat, loss of appetite, and obesity. Polygonatum odoratum also has a certain beauty effect. The vitamin A contained in Polygonatum odoratum can improve the condition of dry, cracked and rough skin, make it soft and smooth, and play the role of beauty and skin care.

Adenophora is the best combination with Polygonatum. Polygonatum odoratum and ginseng can be used for health maintenance and nourishment on weekdays. It has the effects of relieving worries and calming the mind. It is most suitable for people with high work pressure and sensitive personality.

Adenophora and polygonatum is a product for nourishing yin, so it is better to eat more adenophora and polygonatum ribs soup in the season of yin deficiency. Sand ginseng itself has a very good function of clearing away heat and nourishing yin, moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, and treating bronchitis, whooping cough, lung-heat cough, and yellow thick phlegm. Polygonatum odoratum also has good functions such as nourishing yin, moisturizing dryness, clearing heat, promoting body fluid, and relieving cough. It is used as a nourishing medicine to treat symptoms such as yin damage due to heat, deficiency-heat and dry cough, heart disease, diabetes, and tuberculosis.

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