What are the effects of lotus leaf and winter melon tea

Whether it is lotus leaf or winter melon, it is a very common thing in life. The lotus leaf is always wrapped in something to be steamed. Winter melon is often used to make soup. Lotus leaves and winter melon are common delicacies on the table. Have you ever heard of lotus leaf and winter melon tea? Many people may wonder how the lotus leaf and winter melon can make tea. Today, we are going to talk about the effects of lotus leaf and winter melon tea.

What are the effects of lotus leaf and winter melon tea

Efficacy of lotus leaf winter melon tea

Wax melon lotus leaf tea is composed of three herbs: wax gourd, lotus leaf and cassia seed. The lotus leaf has a diuretic effect. Winter melon has the effects of removing greasiness, diuresis and scraping oil. Cassia seed is the dried mature seed of the legume Cassia or Cassia seed. It is famous for its effects of moisturizing the intestines, reducing blood fat and improving eyesight, treating constipation, hyperlipidemia, and high blood pressure.

Winter melon not only clears away heat and detoxifies, but also has a good effect on weight loss and beauty. Cassia seed can clear the liver and kidneys, improve eyesight, and relieve diarrhea. Winter melon peel has obvious hydration effects. Drinking winter melon peel can help eliminate edema, prevent skin pigmentation, and beautify the skin. The main effect of wax gourd seeds is to drain pus. It has a good effect on treating lung abscess, coughing purulent sputum, intestinal carbuncle (appendicitis), and constipation.

“Preparation of Materia Medica” says: Winter melon “is cold to relieve heat, sweetens the spleen, relieves the bowels, relieves edema, relieves thirst, and dissipates heat, poison, pain and swelling.” The whole body of winter melon is medicine, and the skin, meat and kernel of winter melon can be used as medicine. Because wax gourd is low in sodium and high in potassium, eat wax gourd more, which can treat high blood pressure, kidney disease, edema, etc.; wax gourd can prevent and treat silicosis; wax gourd can promote lactation in pregnant women. However, those with kidney deficiency should eat winter melon as little as possible.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lotus leaf has a bitter and astringent taste, and is flat, returning to the liver, spleen, stomach, and heart meridian. It has the effects of clearing heat and dampness, promoting hair and clearing yang, cooling blood and stopping bleeding. Modern research results of traditional Chinese medicine show that lotus leaves have the effect of lowering blood lipids. In the treatment of hyperlipidemia with lotus leaf decoction, the total effective rate of lowering cholesterol reached 91.3% in a course of 20 days, of which 37.8% was markedly effective. There are data reports that the alkaloids in lotus leaves have the effect of lowering blood lipids and are often used clinically for the treatment of obesity.

side effect:It is not advisable to over-drink. The normal drinking water of the human body is between 2500ml and 3000ml. If you drink winter melon lotus leaf tea excessively after meals every day, it will dilute the gastric juice and make digestion difficult, accompanied by the side effects of stomach upset and upset stomach. In addition, women during menstruation and pregnancy should not drink it.

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