Efficacy of raw materials in Artemisia vulgaris tea

Chinese tea culture is far more than just Pu’er and Dahongpao, but these are the teas we know well. Actually, there are Chinese teas and medicinal teas, which may not have been heard before; medicinal teas are actually made with medicinal materials or food. Many people don’t know medicinal teas, so today I will introduce a medicinal tea-Yinchenhaofuzi tea. This medicinal tea can dispel cold, dispel dampness, and reduce yellowing; I will explain it below Everyone introduces the efficacy of the raw materials in the tea.

Efficacy of raw materials in Artemisia vulgaris tea

The efficacy of Artemisia annua:1. Choleretic effect: this product decoction, water extract, devolatile oil water extract, volatile oil, alcohol extract, 6,7 to dimethoxycoumarin, chlorogenic acid, etc. all promote bile secretion and Choleretic effect. Yinchen diyne, Yinchen dione, and Yinchen lactone also promote the secretion and excretion of bile. 2. Antipyretic effect: Experiments show that Yinchensu suspension can significantly reduce the normal body temperature of rats and mice. 3. Lowering blood lipids, dilating coronary artery and promoting fibrinolysis: Experiments show that Yinchen has a certain anti-atherosclerotic effect. The effects of dried ginger: warming the middle and dispelling the cold, rejuvenating the yang and promoting the pulse, warming the lungs and transforming the drink.

The efficacy of aconite:1. Aconite can enhance myocardial contractility, speed up heart rate, increase cardiac output, and increase myocardial oxygen consumption. 2. Aconite can expand blood vessels, increase blood flow and improve blood circulation. 3. The effect of aconite on blood pressure has both a boosting and a lowering effect, which is related to its constituents. 4. The effect of aconite regaining yang treatment is mainly based on the anti-shock effect of strengthening the heart. 5. Aconite has a significant anti-bradyarrhythmia effect. 6. Aconite decoction has a significant inhibitory effect on acute inflammation models. The efficacy of brown sugar: 1. The glucose, fructose and other monosaccharide and polysaccharide energy substances contained in brown sugar can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells and provide energy for cells. 2. The folic acid and trace substances contained in brown sugar can accelerate blood circulation, increase blood volume, stimulate the body’s hematopoietic function, expand blood volume, and improve local skin’s nutrition, oxygen, and water supply.

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