Efficacy and contraindications of kudzu root soaked in water

Pueraria lobata is the plant that grows similar to yam. It used to be difficult to distinguish between pueraria lobata and yam, but both of them are very good Chinese medicinal materials. The effect of each Chinese medicinal material is different, so it must be carried out. Distinguish; Later, it was discovered that Pueraria lobata root is relatively long and its appearance is rougher. The yam is slippery when cut. Do friends who don’t know the distinction between Pueraria lobata root and yam understand it? Let’s talk about the effects and contraindications of soaking Pueraria lobata in water. .

Efficacy and contraindications of kudzu root soaked in water

Effects of Pueraria lobataFirst: lower blood pressure. The latest research has found that Pueraria lobata root can effectively block blood vessel tension after entering the body. It is a very good anti-hypertensive medicinal material. In particular, it can effectively reverse hypertension. The resulting hypertrophy of the heart muscle. In addition, the puerarin contained in pueraria can effectively increase the level of blood vessels and make the body quickly return to normal. In addition, puerarin can effectively improve blood circulation, lower blood sugar in the body, and effectively reduce the cholesterol contained in serum. Second: Preventing cancer. Scientists have discovered through modern research that total flavonoids can be extracted from Pueraria lobata root. This ingredient was tested on mice and found to be effective in inhibiting gastric cancer. And the role of lung cancer. This is because the brass contained in Pueraria lobata can significantly increase the activity of NK cells in the body and block the possibility of cancerous transformation of cells.

If you overdose or soak Pueraria lobata root in water, it is easy to damage the stomach. In addition, Chinese medicine believes that Pueraria lobata root is cold and cold, so if it is taken by patients with stomach cold, it is easy to cause various diseases in the body, and people who are prone to night sweats or sweating in summer should take it with caution. Avoid causing irreparable damage to the body. Pregnant women need to pay attention to taking Pueraria lobata, and women taking it during menstruation also need to be cautious. This is because the estrogen contained in the female body at this stage is in a very unbalanced state. If estrogen is taken in from the outside world, it is very likely that the already unbalanced estrogen will become even more. Disorder. Pueraria lobata is not suitable for taking on an empty stomach, because it is cold in nature, so if it is taken when the stomach is very hungry, it is easy to cause damage to our spleen and stomach.

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