Which brand of Korean honey citron tea is good

Nowadays, many health-preserving teas are loved by the younger generation in China. People who pay attention to health-preserving have begun to try various teas in order to achieve a certain health effect by drinking tea. As a fruit tea with both taste and nutrition, honey grapefruit tea has a good reputation, especially Korean honey grapefruit tea. The honey grapefruit tea produced in Korea is worthy of praise in terms of raw materials and production techniques. So, which brand of Korean honey grapefruit tea is better? Let’s take a look at the more cost-effective Korean honey citron tea brand.

1. Korean kj honey grapefruit tea

This brand of honey grapefruit tea is made from golden grapefruit from the southern coast of South Korea. In addition to being rich in vitamins, it also contains natural pectin and aromatic essential oils, which have good beauty effects. The market price is around 40 yuan, a can of 1000g.

2. South Korea’s Jeonnam Honey Citron Tea

Jeonnam honey grapefruit tea imported from South Korea has a good taste and affordable price. It is also one of the favorite grapefruit tea brands of many people. The taste is sweet and sour, rich in nutrition, very suitable for white-collar women. The reference price is about 30 yuan, a can of 580g.

3. Yuzilang honey grapefruit tea

Yuzilang honey grapefruit tea is also imported from South Korea. The main feature is that it tastes good after brewing, and the unique constant temperature cellaring fermentation process of grapefruit not only retains the original nutrition of fresh grapefruit. The reference price is about 50 yuan, a can of 550g.

4. Korea Agricultural Cooperative Honey Citron Tea

The honey grapefruit tea of ​​the Agricultural Cooperative is the first Korean grapefruit tea to enter China. The grapefruit tea has a lot of pulp, but the peel is more, so the taste is a bit bitter. However, overall it tastes moderate. The reference price is about 45 yuan, a can of 1000g.

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