What are the effects of wild chrysanthemum soaking in water

I don’t know when the wild one is much more noble than the domestic one. The value of the word OnePlus has soared upwards. So today, let’s look at the function of the wild chrysanthemum. It is a perennial herb of the Compositae family with a head-shaped wild chrysanthemum. The appearance of the inflorescence is similar to that of a chrysanthemum. It is spherical in shape, 0.3~1cm in diameter, brownish yellow. The involucre is composed of 4~5 bracts. The tongue-shaped flower is round, yellow, shrunken and curled, with many tubular flowers, dark yellow, body. Light, pungent, bitter, slightly poisonous, wild in wild areas such as hillsides, grasslands, fields, roadsides, and yellowish stalkless, complete, bitter, and not fully bloomed ones are preferred. Soak wild chrysanthemums in water What are the effects of?

What are the effects of wild chrysanthemum soaking in water

The leaves, flowers and whole plants of wild chrysanthemum are used as medicine. Taste bitter, pungent, cool, clearing away heat and detoxification, dispersing wind and heat, dissipating blood stasis, improving eyesight, lowering blood pressure. Prevention and treatment of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, prevention of influenza and colds, treatment of hypertension, hepatitis, dysentery, and carbuncle sores have obvious effects. The infusion of wild chrysanthemum is also very effective in killing larvae and fly maggots.

The wild chrysanthemum has the effect of sterilizing and reducing the swelling of the red and swollen pustules after mosquito bites in summer. Unnamed swollen poison. Use wild chrysanthemum stalks to smash, decoct in wine, take it with heat to let sweat erupt; in addition, apply medicine residue to the affected area. Another prescription: a handful of wild chrysanthemum stems and leaves, and a handful of cocklebur, smashed together, add wine to a bowl, wring out the juice, and still apply the dregs to the affected area. You have to sweat. Another recipe: picking cocklebur leaves in summer and wild chrysanthemums in autumn. Three dollars for each serving, the wine is given away. Sky sores and sores. Use wild chrysanthemum root and jujube wood to decoct and wash the affected area. The end of the scrofula is broken. Mash the root of wild chrysanthemum and take it orally with decoction; apply medicine residue to the affected area.

Dry flower tea is not absolutely safe. For example, after drinking wild chrysanthemum tea, a few people have gastrointestinal reactions such as stomach discomfort, poor appetite, bowel, loose stools, etc. It is not suitable for those with spleen and stomach deficiency and pregnant women. Experts pointed out that do not drink dried flowers and Chinese herbal medicines as supplements. In addition, no matter the dose is too large or the time is too long, toxic side effects may occur. Patients who are taking western medicine should pay more attention to drinking Chinese herbal tea, because inappropriate combination with western medicine may cause harm to the body. Wild chrysanthemum is mildly cold. It can hurt the spleen and stomach yang when taken by ordinary people for a long time or if the dosage is too large. If there are gastrointestinal reactions such as stomach upset, poor appetite, bowel, loose stools, etc., it is not suitable for people with deficiency of the spleen and stomach and pregnant women. use.

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