What does Gaoben tea do?

Not to mention using this medicinal material to treat diseases or to introduce the properties of medicinal materials to others. Many people in life don’t even know how to pronounce this medicinal material. It can be seen that it is a very common green herb, and it is also a common Chinese medicinal material. Gaoben tea is not a beverage, but a traditional Chinese medicine tea drink. So what is the role of Gaoben tea?

What does Gaoben tea do?

The raw materials of ligusticum tea: 10g of ligusticum and 3g of green tea. Usage: brew with 300ml of boiling water and drink until the taste is weak. Function: Dispel wind, cold and damp evil. Uses: Wind-cold headache, peak pain, cold-damp abdominal pain, diarrhea, scabies.

Ligusticum chinensis, the name of Chinese medicine, is a perennial herb with hollow and upright stems, pinnately compound leaves, ovate leaflets, white flowers, and irregular lump rhizomes. Roots and rhizomes are used in traditional Chinese medicine to dispel wind and cold and relieve pain. Indications: wind-cold headache, peak pain, rheumatic arthralgia, mange, cold-damp diarrhea, abdominal pain, hernia, etc.

Ligustrum Neutral Oil can inhibit the spontaneous activity of mice and resist the excitement caused by amphetamine, can strengthen the hypnotic effect of thiopental sodium, and can resist the distortion reaction of mice caused by potassium antimony tartrate and significantly prolong the hot plate reaction. Time, and reduce the body temperature of pyrogenic animals and normal mice, but also against xylene inflammation.

Ligustrum Neutral Oil can inhibit acetic acid, increase the permeability of mouse abdominal cavity capillaries and histamine can increase the permeability of rat skin capillaries, inhibit xylene-induced ear shell swelling in mice, and inhibit carrageenan-induced rat foot plantar Swelling and swelling of the foot plantar caused by carrageenan injection in rats with adrenal gland removal.

Ferulic acid, one of the ingredients in Ligusticum vulgare, can reduce distortion and prolong the sleep time of cyclohexene barbital sodium. In addition, the other ingredient ligustilide has sedative, hypnotic, cooling and anti-ketamine excitatory effects.

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