What are the taboos of anti-wind soaking water?

Facial nerve palsy is a disease that may be unfamiliar to everyone. It also has a name called facial paralysis. This disease is very difficult to treat because the patient is not only physically tortured, but also psychologically tortured; it usually appears. After this disease, patients will choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods. Fangfeng has the effect of treating facial nerve palsy. So what are the contraindications of anti-wind soaking water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together.

What are the taboos of anti-wind soaking water?

Anti-Wind Soaking Water Drinking Efficacy Taboo

Fangfeng is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. It has sedative, analgesic and anti-allergic effects. It has a very special point that it has a two-way effect. It can not only sweat, but also deodorizes, it can both laxative and stop venting, and can pass menstruation. Can stop bleeding. It can treat cold, rheumatism, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Soaking water and the effective ingredients are not absorbed well, it is best to use a casserole decoction to boil the soup.

Anti-wind is used for tetanus, closed jaws, and angle arch reflex. Preventing wind and curing tetanus, it has the effect of dispelling wind and relieving spasm, but it is often used in conjunction with araceae, gastrodia elata, white aconite and other medicines.

Fangfeng is used for colds, colds, fevers, headaches, and body pains. As well as cold, wind-heat, fever and cold, red eyes, sore throat and other symptoms. The anti-wind relieving table takes the long wind to dispel wind, which can dispel wind cold and heat, which is similar to the effect of nepeta, so the two medicines are often used in combination.

Fangfeng is used for rheumatic arthralgia and gout to dispel rheumatism and relieve pain. It is often combined with Qianghuo and Fangji to treat rheumatic arthralgia and other diseases.

It has the effects of stopping bleeding and stopping diarrhea. If used for abdominal pain and diarrhea, it is often used in combination with white peony, atractylodes, and tangerine peel; if used for hematochezia, uterine bleeding, it is generally used for charcoal frying.

Nepeta and Fangfeng both have the effect of dispelling wind and relieving the surface, and the power of the medicine is alleviating. Both can treat wind-cold symptoms or wind-heat symptoms. However, the effect of preventing wind and dispelling wind and relieving the surface of the body is better than that of Nepeta sinensis, and the effect of sweating and relieving the surface of Nepeta is stronger than that of windbreaking. It is often used at the same time.

Windproof taboo

People with deficiency of Yin and blood and wind caused by fever should not use Fangfeng, and those with blood deficiency and cramps or headaches should not be taken by wind. Cacao dried ginger, hellebore, white scorpion, dahlia flower. Deficiency of vitality, the disease is not due to rheumatism, prevent wind.

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