Would you like to soak Rose Flower and Chrysanthemum in water?

Jiugui and other flowers that don’t seem to be comparable at ordinary times. What will happen if you put them in the same cup? Today, let’s take a look at the gentle temperature of rose, which can promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation, nourish the skin and whiten, soothe the nerves, soothe the liver and regulate qi, and it is chrysanthemum Cold, can clear heat and detoxify, clear liver and eyesight, evacuate wind and cold, rose tea has the effects of strengthening the liver and stomach, promoting blood circulation, regulating menstruation, moisturizing bowel and defecation, relieving depression and calming nerves, and can relax mood, balance endocrine, replenish blood qi, and have effects on liver and stomach. It has the effect of conditioning, soothing emotions, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, eliminating fatigue, improving physical fitness, and moisturizing the skin. It is recommended that women drink more. Can you drink rose and chrysanthemum in water?

Would you like to soak Rose Flower and Chrysanthemum in water?

Chrysanthemum tea has a sweet and bitter floral taste and slightly cold in nature; it has the effects of dispelling wind and heat, clearing liver and improving eyesight, detoxification and anti-inflammatory. It has a certain effect on diseases such as dry mouth, strong fire, astringent eyes, or limb pain and numbness caused by wind, cold, and dampness. Indications of cold, wind-heat, headache, etc. It can prevent and treat dizziness, headache, and tinnitus. Personal advice is that it is best not to mix and match soaking and drinking. This will not only taste distortion, but also the effect may be affected.

Suggestions, one is warm and the other is cold, it is best not to drink together, and roses are better to drink alone. Chrysanthemum can be made into tea with wolfberry, which has a good effect of clearing liver and improving eyesight. The old Chinese doctor told us that rose tea cannot be taken every day, especially in summer.

For women, after taking more roses, it is very good for the body. It can effectively promote qi and blood circulation and reconcile the functions of the internal organs, making the complexion better and whiter, menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhea, etc. Such situations can also be effectively alleviated. For patients with qi deficiency, soak about 15 grams of roses with jujube or American ginseng every day, and patients with kidney deficiency can choose wolfberry.

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